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The secret of bust up up

Breast size is really a headache. I think many girls are struggling on the road of breast enhancement. But the process of breast enlargement is full of difficulties. Many people choose breast augmentation because they are eager for success, but more and more practical examples show that although breast augmentation becomes Fuller, various health diseases also follow. What is the best way to change the status quo of the airport in front of your chest and maintain your health? Today, I will introduce some effective methods to you.

Once a day. When bathing, it can also have breast augmentation massage, and it is not necessary to do it by yourself: wash the chest with a shower, use warm water for at least 1 minute each time, which can promote the development of thymus, stimulate blood circulation, and increase the flexibility of breast. In order to prevent sagging of the chest, it is better to rush from the bottom to the top.

Kneeling push ups. Push up is a test of the whole body movement, which can not only thin the arms, but also play a breast effect. Keep your hands as wide as your shoulders at all times, tighten your abdomen, and get up quickly when you touch the ground. When you do this, you will obviously feel that every time you fall to the lowest point, your chest will slightly pull up, so the breast enhancement effect is excellent.

Food supplement. Papaya stewed milk, I believe many people know, I will not introduce. Here are some breast foods that are rarely heard. Butter juice. Avocado juice can increase the intake of vitamin A, keep the skin tender, and the rich unsaturated fatty acids can promote the growth of breast tissue and increase the elasticity of breast. In addition, fish, meat, fresh milk and other protein rich foods, celery, walnuts, red kidney beans and other vitamin E foods, all contribute to the development of the chest.

When you master the right way of breast enhancement and put it into practice, I believe that every little beauty can wear a dress and evening dress with sexy and charming temperament.