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Can liquor be brought to the train? The latest regulations on carrying liquor on trains in 2018

it is necessary to bring some cigarettes and wine when visiting relatives and friends. This is the etiquette culture of Chinese people. However, many friends don't know whether trains, airplanes and high-speed trains can bring liquor. Can they take the train with liquor? The latest rules for carrying liquor on trains in 2018.

What are the rules for bringing liquor on the train?

Three conditions for carrying liquor by train

1 encapsulation

Railway officials have issued a statement that passengers on the train can not carry bulk liquor on board, and passengers can only carry closed bottles of liquor with formal packaging and logo.

2 follow the portable quantity

1. The maximum quantity of white spirit that can be carried is one box (six bottles).

2. If the degree of liquor is higher than 50 degrees, passengers can only take two bottles on board (two bottles can be taken for one jin, and one bottle at most for two Jin).

3. If the quantity limit of the portable liquor is exceeded, it can be consigned to the relevant department. So you can take more good wine home and give it to your relatives and friends.

4. In addition, wine is not included in the forbidden catalogue, but according to the regulations of the instructions for railway passengers: when taking the train, motor train and high-speed railway, adults can carry 20 kg (10 kg for children) of common articles with the sum of length, width and height not more than 160 cm (130 cm for motor train), and the goods need to be checked if they exceed the regulations.

Of course, carrying liquor is also subject to this regulation.

3 take care of it

After the liquor is taken to the train, it shall be kept carefully to avoid bumping. Once it is damaged, it will not only cause loss but also serious potential safety hazard.

What are the regulations on high-speed railway liquor?

You can take white wine with you by high-speed rail, but you have to pack it completely. According to the regulations, if an adult passenger wants to bring white wine, the bottled wine shall not exceed one case (6 bottles).

That is to say, it's no problem to take a case of six bottles of white wine with you.

In addition, bulk liquor is not allowed to carry.

What are the rules for flying with liquor?

1. Can I carry it?

According to the relevant documents of ICAO, passengers should not take alcoholic beverages with them, but they can be transported as checked baggage.

That is to say, you can take it, but you need to go through the formalities of consignment.

2. How much can I bring?

If the alcohol content is between 24 ℃ and 70 ℃, the total quantity of consignment shall not exceed 5 liters.