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How to do with hair static electricity in winter? These tips teach you not to be a "power beauty"

One of the most annoying things in autumn and winter is the problem of static electricity. If you move it a little bit, your hair will be completely attached to your face, and there will be crackling sound when you take off your clothes. For girls, it's really a devastating thing, so how to deal with the problem of static electricity in winter?

How to do with hair static electricity in winter?

1. Multi purpose conditioner

In winter, the climate is rather fidgety, so the hair will be easy to lack of water. As soon as there is a lack of water, static electricity will be generated. Therefore, some conditioner can be used when washing the hair. The conditioner helps to close the hair scales and form a natural protective film on the surface of the hair. In this way, it can resist the damage of the outside world to the hair, and it can also help to lock the water, so that the hair is no longer dry Dry and frizzy.

2. Using hair mask

The hair mask has a very good nourishing effect. In fact, the hair mask contains more nourishing effects and nutrients than conditioner. After washing the hair, smear some hair mask on the hair, then wrap it with a hot towel, and clean it 15 minutes later. The effect is also significant.

3. With mahogany and horn combs

In winter, it's better to use peach wood comb and ox horn comb to comb your hair, because plastic comb can easily rub static electricity. If the hair itself is charged, it will be very hairy and easy to knot.

4. Wear soft and comfortable cotton

In winter, soft and smooth cotton or silk tops should be selected as far as possible, and chemical fiber clothes should not be worn as far as possible, so as to reduce the harm of static electricity to a minimum, which is not conducive to the generation of static electricity.

In fact, the easiest way is to wet your hair with a small amount of water before combing it in winter, so as not to generate static electricity.