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Is the soft boiled egg delicious? Are there any bacteria in soft eggs

Eggs are a kind of food with high nutritional value. Many people like to eat eggs for breakfast. Even some people like to eat soft eggs for the fresh taste of eggs. Is there any bacteria in soft eggs?

How to ensure the sanitation of runny eggs

We should try our best to buy eggs from reputable and reliable suppliers (such as large supermarkets), and choose those eggs that are clean and with intact shell; cracked eggs are easy to be contaminated by Salmonella, so we should avoid using them; if eggs are contaminated by bird manure, they should be cleaned with water before boiling (if necessary, some detergent can also be used for auxiliary cleaning).

However, it is difficult to control because the main route of Salmonella contamination in eggs is spread through the hen's ovaries before the formation of eggshells. For safety reasons, it is recommended that the eggs be cooked thoroughly until the yolk and protein are completely set.

Eggs need to be heated enough to kill bacteria. The U.S. Department of Agriculture recommends that eggs be heated above 71 ℃ to kill pathogenic bacteria. Chinese residents' dietary guidelines (2016) also suggested that boiled eggs should be boiled for 5-6 minutes after boiling in water. Specifically, we can help control the temperature, time and water quantity with the help of the egg cooker to make the egg white has solidified, and the egg yolk texture is relatively soft.

Is it possible that there are bacteria in loose eggs.

Although the eggs appear to be closed, bacteria can also enter. For example, common Salmonella. Although thoroughly cooked food (food center temperature should be at least 75 ℃ and maintained for 30 seconds) can effectively kill Salmonella, if you eat eggs that are not thoroughly cooked or cross contaminated with Salmonella, food poisoning may occur.

It happens that runny eggs are not cooked, so it is impossible to determine whether there are bacteria in them. Therefore, Xiaobian reminds us that although runny eggs may taste better, for the sake of health, we should try to eat less runny eggs.