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What can I do for a trip to Indonesia? List of necessary items for Indonesia Tourism

For many people, they plan to travel abroad once or twice a year, so what do you want to buy in Indonesia? The list of necessary items for Indonesia tourism is compiled for you. If you plan to go, you can collect them.

Indonesia has a wide variety of crafts and souvenirs, each with its own unique features. The famous ones are badib, Grice dagger, wood carving, silver products, bronze or copper alloy gods, shadow puppets, puppets of puppets, scenery models and colorful shells Products, clove string works of art, natural gems, Indonesian landscape paintings, small court golden chariots, Javanese silk figurines, decorative fans, ox horn crafts, small fruit core crafts, Bata banyan walking sticks, Daya bark bags, Longmu Island porcelain pots, West Irian tambourines and bows and arrows, etc.

Handmade chain ornaments

Indonesian handmade chain ornaments full of tropical flavor are the favorite of fashionable girls. Enter the blurred Bali natural kingdom, experience the unique national customs, and spread the wild interest of nature in every inch of skin.

Hand made essential oil soap

I always think that pure natural baptism is the most noble enjoyment. A pure natural hand-made soap takes Bali spa home. That kind of peculiar and warm fragrance seems to be unique to Bali. It's natural and simple, and doesn't even add pigment.

A good place to shop in Indonesia

Pasar Ubud

It's not only the wubu market, in fact, the prices of the major markets in the central region are almost the same as those in China, and there is no room for price reduction. If the shop has glass windows or door compartments, basically there is no bargain. The rest of the shop can only do their own thing. If you don't want to be a bully, you should look at the goods in the wubu market, and then go to the seaside or the remote villages to bargain for them.


There are many high-quality wood carving workshops and lamp making workshops, especially the glass lamp is very delicate and beautiful, and the price is also fair and cost-effective. If you want to shop here, you can just go to the workshop and talk about the price with the craftsmen. Generally, they don't open the price randomly, so don't cut it too hard. If an ordinary glass lamp costs 200 yuan in wubu, the transaction price here is about 50-80 yuan. If you want to buy exquisite handicrafts, the first one is here.