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Did you get the little knowledge of hair care

The hair is messy, so is the mood. Do you get any tips for dealing with rough hair? How to have a beautiful and smooth hair again? Let's teach you how to make it.

There are several ways to soften your hair: shampoo, comb and cut. Don't wash your hair too often. Excessive cleaning can cause damage to the scalp as well as unclean cleaning. It is recommended to wash your head every other day or two. In addition, it's not just about washing your hair. After washing your hair, you have to take care of it. Apply conditioner to the end of the hair after washing. Some people are worried about whether conditioner will make hair more refuelling? No, it's just like skin moisturizer. In addition to hair conditioner, we can also use hair mask once a week, for a long time, you will have unexpected results.

Second, comb your hair. Don't comb it from the top of your head to the end of your hair. It's easy to lose your hair. Should comb the hair tail first clear, next hair middle, then is the top of the head. If you encounter a knot, do not drag it, but use your hand to hold the top of the knot and comb it slowly to avoid pulling too hard on the scalp. And the choice of comb also has to pay attention to, wood comb is better, plastic comb is easy to produce static electricity.

Another is to cut the hair. In case of severely damaged split hair, you should go to the barber's for repair as soon as possible. In addition, there is a small detail that can also affect the quality of hair, that is, the choice of pillowcase. The pillowcase made of pure cotton is easy to absorb the moisture of hair, and it is easy to be rough without moisture. It is better to use the Silk Pillowcase.

It's not easy to have beautiful and smooth hair. It's also important to have good living habits and eating habits.