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How to calculate ovulation period? How to calculate the best pregnancy time of husband and wife

How to calculate the period of ovulation? When is it easy to conceive? Are the couples who are going to have babies wondering about the algorithm of ovulation and the period of easy pregnancy? Today's editor teaches you how to calculate the period of ovulation and the best period of pregnancy.

How to calculate ovulation period

Many pregnant couples asked how to calculate the ovulation period, the general female ovulation period is to menstruate the first 14 days. Regular menstruation of women, such as every 28 days to menstruation, the ovulation period is about the 14th day. Of course, there are also special circumstances, some people by some external stimulation, may lead to early or delayed ovulation.

When is it easy to conceive

In fact, it's not only the day of ovulation, but also the day before and after ovulation. Because sperm can survive for 72 hours in vivo and 24 hours after ovulation.