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Can I use Alipay for my trip to Thailand? Does Thailand support Alipay?Can

be used in Thailand tourism Alipay? What can Alipay do in Thailand? In recent years, as the tourism market continues to expand overseas, Thailand has also become the preferred country for Chinese tourists. A large number of Chinese tourists to Thailand have greatly promoted the development of Thailand's tourism industry. Can Alipay be used in Thailand?

How to use Alipay in Thailand? How to use Alipay Thailand?

1. Buy air tickets, book accommodation, transfer booking.

2. In the insurance service, there are 7-day short-term outbound travel insurance for Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries, including flight baggage delay, personal property theft and robbery, traffic accident medical treatment, etc.

3. 'exchange rate tool' can query the bank exchange rate of the day at any time. Moreover, payment is made in Thailand with Alipay, and no fee is charged.

4, the Thailand Su Wan Pu Pu International Airport, Bangkok Don Mueang International Airpo Airport, Chiang Mai airport, Phuket Island International Airport can use Alipay consumption.

5, Thailand can use Uber directly and pay with Alipay.

6, Thailand's most famous duty-free shops, hand mail stores, luxury and beauty brand stores all support Alipay.

7, about eating, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket Island, there are many restaurants, stalls, coffee milk tea shop can brush Alipay.

8, all 7-11 and 300 FamilyMart family convenience stores in Thailand support Alipay.

9, the horse killing chain store Let\'s Relax authentic Thai massage can be paid with Alipay.

10. Turn on 'discover' and you can find nearby food, drink, fun and special offers with one click. During the water splashing Festival, Alipay has many advantages.

11. For users with Huabei, the highest return of Huabei is 15%.