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When will the poison be released in mainland China?

When will the venom be released in the mainland? According to Yu Yong, the @ movie watcher, @ Asgard movie emperor, @ mushroom movie and other well-known film bloggers, the movie "venom: the deadly Guardian" has been reviewed in the mainland, and the release date is unknown. However, the official micro blog of Sony Columbia film company just released a statement, saying it had not received any notice.

Official said: 'we hereby declare that we have not received any notice regarding the information that the movie "venom: deadly Guardian" has been reviewed in China. Thank you for your love and support for Sony Pictures. Please keep your eyes on the official information. '

Judging from the previous official announcement, the scale of "venom" is still very large. Mr. Tang's horrific transformation, long tongue and fangs, involves a lot of violence and heavy mouth pictures, so fans are also worried about the extent to which "venom: deadly Guardian" will be cut.

Venom: the guardian of death tells the story of the origin of venom. Eddie middot Brock, a journalist played by Tom middot Hardy, was parasitized by alien organisms in an in-depth investigation. After a series of crises such as mysterious attackers and other symbionts, he became a kind of venom that was both good and evil.

Directed by Ruben & Middleton; fresche, directed by Tom & Middleton; Hardy (Batman: the rise of the dark knight, dunkerk), Michelle & Middleton; Williams (the king of the circus), Liz & Middleton; Ahmed (Star Wars: Rogue one), Scott & Middleton; haze and red & Middleton; Scott will co star on October 10 Released in North America on May 5.