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With what water do flowers grow well? Do you make the most nutritious water for flowers

What kind of water do you use to water the plants? Many people at home grow flowers with luxuriant branches and leaves, which is very popular. Actually, there is a knack for growing flowers. You can use ferrous sulfate, vitamin C, aspirin, etc., mix some water and water the flowers, which can make the plants more prosperous.

What kind of water does the plants grow well

ferrous sulfate

I don't know if you know ferrous sulfate. This kind of medicine is a common medicine in the family. If you don't have it at home, you can go to the drugstore and buy some. You can mix ferrous sulfate with enough water and water the flowers with ferrous sulfate water, which can effectively prevent the soil from hardening and make the soil use longer.

Vitamin C

The two yuan and 100 tablets sold in the drugstore can also be used to water the flowers! Vitamin C contains more acid substances. Using it to water the flowers can not only adjust the pH of the soil, improve the quality of the soil, but also make the plants grow more vigorously!


Do you think tablets can also be used to water flowers? Yes, aspirin contains enough salicylic acid, which can accelerate the growth of plants, which is very helpful to plants. Use enough water to mix aspirin and water the flowers. Water twice a month. After several times, the hardened soil will be relieved. You can also try this method.

What is the most nutritious water for flowers

1、 Vinegar water flowers every half a month or so. The vinegar water mixed with vinegar in the proportion of 50:1 can prevent and control the yellow disease of the acid loving flowers such as azalea and camellia, and can promote the growth of flowers with bright colors.

2、 Water the flowers with rinse beer bottle. It can promote the growth in summer and make the leaves green in winter. If poured, the width of leaves will be increased and veins will be clear. When the buds appear, water the chrysanthemums to make the flowers more fragrant.

3、 The old iron nails, screws, iron chips and other scrap iron will be soaked in water until the water turns yellow to rust water. Using this water to water the Yellow Gardenia can make the leaves turn from yellow to green, and gradually have luster.

4、 The fermented milk (spoiled milk) contains more phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, which can flourish when watered with more water.

5、 When cactus is irrigated with 1% - 2% light salt water, its disease resistance can be enhanced. Because cactus has certain salt tolerance.

6、 The residual tea water can not only keep the water content, but also release the nitrogen fertilizer slowly and improve the soil aggregate structure.

7、 Water the flowers with cool water, which can bring about the effect of early emergence of flower buds and gorgeous colors. If the bamboo is irrigated, it can promote the lateral development of its branches and leaves, and it is dwarf and dense.

8、 Watering flowers with cigarette butts for a day or two can not only prevent pests, but also improve pot soil.

9、 Taomi Shuiguan flower uses fermented Taomi Shuiguan camellia, gardenia, osmanthus and other flowers and trees, which not only grow healthily, but also bloom more, have a long flowering period and strong fragrance. 10、 Water the flowers with boiled egg water the water of boiled egg contains rich minerals. Water the flowers with this water can make them luxuriant and colorful.