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How to get 9.7kg energy ball from ant forest? These ways can also boost energy

Is Alipay ant forest a lot of people playing now? Every day, it's time to collect energy and steal energy from others. It seems that many people are enjoying themselves. The world of adults is so simple, but it is also necessary to accumulate a lot of energy to grow a tree. What way do you usually get through it? Actually, the quickest way is to get one. An energy ball, which will let your energy soar in an instant.

An introduction to the method of obtaining 9.7kg energy in ant forest

In December 25th of last year, leisure fish sold quickly into the ant forest. Users sold idle mobile phones, laptop computers, large appliances and digital cameras through credit sale. After 24 hours of successful trading, they could receive corresponding green energy in Alipay ant forest. So it's a good way to get a lot of energy to trade on idle fish. It's much easier to get energy than walking or other green trips.

What are the other ways to increase energy?

Whenever possible, consume Alipay as much as possible. For example, buying airplane tickets, train tickets and appointments for appointments in hospitals can be done with Alipay.

when a certain amount of green energy (now 17.9kg) is collected, public welfare organizations will plant a real tree where the climate is bad and trees need to be planted (now Alxa in Inner Mongolia). Is it proud and fulfilling to be involved in such a thing?