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How does Alipay ant forest increase energy? Summary of energy channels of ant forest

Alipay ant forest, are you playing? With the concept of environmental protection getting more and more popular, many enterprises are advocating environmental protection. The most famous thing is Alipay's ant forest tree planting activities. If we can save enough energy to exchange seedlings, then how can we improve energy?

Ant forest energy calculation formula is a scientific algorithm certified by Beijing Environmental Exchange, which is equivalent to the carbon dioxide emissions reduced by this behavior. The validity period of green energy generation is 3 days (such as 7:00 in the morning, within the next 72 hours). If it is not collected, it will expire in 3 days.

Summary of energy channels of ant forest

Walking, green office, offline payment, life payment (water bill, electricity charge, gas fee), online ticketing (panning ticket ticket, movie ticket, performance ticket), online shopping train ticket (using Alipay to buy train ticket on 12306/ flying pig), appointment registration, ETC payment, e-ticket, part of free fish trading.

1. Walking: the more you walk, the more energy you have. If you open the Alipay APP synchronization step after you walk, you need to open the Alipay client on the same day, so that you can read the steps and convert it into second days of energy. At the same time, the number of steps to be read by the Alipay client on the last day is the number of steps. The second day is converted to energy value based on this step.

2. Living payment: the energy will be generated only when the single payment amount is more than or equal to 1 yuan. The energy can only be generated once a month for the same account and the same account and different account and the maximum energy can be generated 10 times a month.

3. Offline payment: you need to meet the payment amount of more than 1 yuan before you can exchange energy. At the same time, you can exchange up to 10 transactions / day.

4. Online ticket purchase: the upper limit of energy generation is 10 transactions / month, and the energy generated by movie ticket purchase is only limited to taopiao ticket purchase.

5. online shopping train tickets: use Alipay to buy train tickets on 12306/ flying pigs, fly pigs and 12306 ticketing statistics together, the maximum energy output is 10 pens / month.

6. Appointment registration: the upper limit of energy generation is 5 transactions / month. After the registration is successful, the energy will be generated the next day after the official medical treatment; (for example, if the registration is successful on April 1, the energy will be generated on April 4 when the appointment is made to go to the hospital on April 3)

7. Metro travel: during the upgrade and maintenance of metro ticket data, energy generation will be temporarily stopped, and we will be back online as soon as possible. You can pay more attention to the strategy page.

8. Etc payment: each payment generates a green energy.

9. E-invoice: the upper limit of e-invoice business energy is 5 transactions / day, i.e. the first 5 transactions of e-invoice have energy generation every day. The production time is up to 24 o'clock of the day. For example, I issued an invoice at 23 o'clock in the evening, and then the next morning at 7 o'clock there will be energy generation. Specific invoices for energy can be invoiced in Alipay's' invoice housekeeper 'application.

10. Green office: you need to join a company, unit and other institutions to calculate carbon energy, which will take effect 24 hours after joining. On the ant forest strategy page, click the green office button, bind the pin account to complete the authorization, and use the green energy function in the pin. (if there are problems in nail registration and other links during authorization, please consult nail customer service 0571-88157808)

11. bus trip: by Alipay scan code, the bus can get 80g energy at a time, up to 5 times a day.

12. international tax rebate: through the Alipay international tax rebate, each time you can get the 4G ant forest energy, the energy can be collected after 24 hours of tax refund.

13. subway trip: only Hangzhou and Xi'an. Alipay scan code or Xi'an Metro App scan code (limited to Alipay) can get energy, and 52g energy can be obtained at most, up to 5 times a day.

14. Idle fish transaction: at present, it only supports the second-hand transactions such as credit quick sale of everyone's electricity, mobile phones, laptops and cameras. After the order is confirmed, green energy will be distributed to users (sellers), with a maximum of 5 recycling orders per month.

Maybe many people walk more and have limited energy. In fact, there is a lot of energy to buy movie tickets, as well as train tickets!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha, do you feel that you have missed a lot of energy in an instant!

If you want to collect more energy, you have to get up early!