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What do you mean by the end of the movie? What did Sun Li see at the end of the film

Did you go to the cinema to see the movie "shadow"? Is the last scene fresh in memory? Directed by Zhang Yimou and starred by Deng Chao and Sun Li, the movie "movie" was released yesterday. After the movie was released, it was praised by many netizens. At the end of the movie, Sun Li's eyes also made netizens admire her acting skills. Let's have a look with Xiao Bian.

What did Sun Li finally see

In the ending of movie "movie", Sun Li looks out of the door in horror, but the director adopts an open ending and doesn't tell the audience what Xiao AI, who Sun Li plays in the movie, sees. However, there are still many online guesses about the ending.

Some netizens said: 'at last, she threw away the purse and rushed to the door in fear. I think she wanted to tell others the truth. But when she ran to the door, you didn't think it was very similar to her. Did the governor see the movements of the two of them every night? Their love for men and women was also seen that night, so they echoed back and forth and were frightened'. Some netizens think that "the hero may also have a movie"; even some netizens think that Sun Li's camera is a dead circle at the beginning of the movie, which is what Ziyu said: 'where is the shadow without the real body?' the shadow said: 'there will be a shadow without the real body'. So Sun Li will repeatedly see the shadow from the crack of the door become another child Yu. People will change. Like the Taiji diagram, the white one will become black, the black one will become white, the real one will become false, and the false one will become true.

In fact, it's also a deduction. At the beginning of the film, AI's eyes are extremely complex and fearful, and at the end of the film, the audience suddenly realized that AI's eyes when she hesitated to open the door, conveyed the compromise after the struggle, the guilt mixed with desire, the fear and the unknown for the future, and even the eager to move at the bottom of her heart Desire, it can be said, is a perfect expression in the eyes, which makes the shadow, the former puppet, the final winner.

Analysis of movie ending

At the end of the movie, Peiwang sends people to get Ziyu's head, but Peiwang's plot fails. Later, Peiwang dies under Ziyu's sword. At this time, Ziyu is not many days old. Jingzhou kills Ziyu again, which is a fake image of Ziyu killing Peiwang. Jingzhou survives, and Xiaoai survives. But after these things, the relationship between Xiaoai and Jingzhou becomes a mystery Question.

Zhang Yimou once revealed in an interview that the movie is actually an open ending. It is reported that this paragraph is also a temporary supplementary film of Xiaoai running to the gate when the director is close to Sun Li's death. At last, it is also an excellent completion. The director also lamented that Sun Li's running surprised him, "like a moth throwing fire, running is very vivid, just running with life".

And Sun Li, who was responsible for the ending, also explained the details: 'we've been shooting this scene for 10 days. The director thinks I shouldn't just squat there. He thinks about a lot of plans, whether to open the door, what to say or not? Finally, he decided to leave a little bit of suspense in it. 'in addition to the Chinese ink painting style and the tense plot that has been turned over several times, the movie ending has become one of the hot topics with the exposure of the plot. The beginning and end of the movie are echoed by Sun Li's gaze outward, which means that the story is opened without leaving a blank, and the end is more indulgent in reverie, leaving a lot of space for the audience to interpret.