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Can newborn cold be vaccinated? How to treat cold easily

Autumn and winter are the high incidence seasons of cold for babies. It's easy to cause cold at the turn of seasons. Can you vaccinate the newborn cold? It's better not to vaccinate during the period when the baby is ill. It's the most correct way to vaccinate when it's good.

Can newborns get vaccinated against cold

When the newborn is born, he should be vaccinated almost once a month. If the baby suddenly has a cold, what should he do? Can he be vaccinated? Can vaccinating aggravate the symptoms of the baby's cold and cough?

General baby cold, runny nose, acne, are not acceptable for vaccination, are suffering from a cold or fever caused by various diseases in children, if the injection of preventive injection, will make the temperature rise, induced or aggravated disease. Therefore, before each vaccination, the temperature of the child should be measured to see if the baby has a cold and fever. If the cold has a fever, the child should be actively treated and vaccinated without medication. Generally, the vaccine can only be postponed and not advanced, and it is also possible to vaccinate after the baby recovers, without worrying about whether it will expire.

If mothers are still not sure if their baby can be vaccinated, they can consult the health care department that vaccinates the baby to see if it can be vaccinated. If they're not sure, it's best to take the baby to a pediatrician. In addition, when vaccinating your baby, make sure that your baby's body's immune system is not immune to other infections.

Treatment of baby cold with xiaopianfang

1. Scalding feet with ginger powder

At the beginning of the cold, the baby's nose is not ventilated. When sleeping at night, put a little hot ginger on the baby's foot, which can make the nose breathe smoothly and the cold is also fast. Methods: stir fry the ginger in a dry pot, stir fry the ginger flavor (if it's a little paste, it's OK), put the stir fried ginger into a small yarn bag, and then post the slightly hot ginger yarn bag on baby's foot. (be sure to pay attention to the heat of ginger wire, so as not to burn the baby. )

2. Hot smoked scallion shreds

Baby's cold nose is not ventilated, you can use scallion white water, cut scallion white into shreds (easy to taste), put them into boiling water, smoke baby's mouth and nose while hot, this method has a significant effect on baby's cold nose.

3. Saline nasal wash

Mother can add salt with cold boiled water, moisten with cotton swab, clean baby's nasal cavity. The action must be gentle when cleaning, and daily cleaning can relieve the symptoms of nose non ventilation.