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How to protect sensitive skin in autumn and winter? Make these skin watery

In autumn and winter, a large number of younger sister paper will start to panic. For sensitive skin younger sister paper, due to the cold and dry in autumn and winter, the skin is easy to lack of water, dry and skinny, and the cuticle is very thin, and it is easy to have red blood, so delicate skin can never bear the cold in winter, so how to properly care for sensitive skin in autumn and winter?

1、 Choose mild and non irritating Facial Cleanser

Most facial cleansers will contain soap base. Although soap base can clean the skin, it will also damage the sensitive cuticle and make the skin even worse. So it is necessary to choose a mild and moisturizing facial cleanser, which can clean the dirt on the skin surface and will not damage the cuticle at the same time.

2、 Do a good job of repairing at night

For sensitive muscle paper, night protection is also essential. After cleansing at night, it's best to choose moisturizing and thick night cream to make the face full of nutrition and moisture, so that the skin will become moist and shiny the next day and meet the challenge of the new day.

Three, can not mask frequently.

In fact, the most important job of sensitive skin is to replenish water, so many MM will make frequent facial mask. In fact, such a practice is not correct. Although the mask can effectively replenish facial moisture and restore skin elasticity, its side effects will aggravate the aging of the skin, make the face in a closed space, and retain a large quantity of essence in the face. It will increase the burden on the skin. So two or three times a week.

4、 Drink more water, eat fresh fruits, and replenish the body's water

In fact, in autumn and winter, the skin is easy to lack of water, so it is necessary to supplement a large amount of water every day. Eight cups of water every day can effectively supplement the body's water, promote metabolism and accelerate the discharge of toxins. Fresh fruit can also supplement a variety of nutrients needed by the body, delay skin aging, make the skin more elastic and watery.