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Is it better to eat male or female crabs in October? October crab paste don't miss

after the 11th, although the weather is getting cold, it still can't resist the enthusiasm of eating. Many people especially like crabs in seafood, so it's better to eat male crabs or female crabs in October. Why is there a saying of "nine females and ten males"? Let's get to know.

Eat male or female crab in September

'the navel in September and the top in October' are all about the time of eating crabs: the female in September and the male in October.

After October, the female crab starts to harden, while the male crab starts to cream white, so there is a saying of "September navel, October tip".

Which is better, male crab or female crab

When the body of male crab paste is strong and strong, the so-called 'shell convex red fat block fragrance', male crab's paste fat is not only more than female crab, but also more sweet and soft; one of the main characteristics of male crab paste is that it will not become hard after being cooked, and tastes tender and smooth.

In addition, the nutritional value of male and female crabs is different. Female crab yellow contains cholesterol, while male crab does not, so some people with poor liver function can eat male crab more, but female crab should be careful.

The difference between male and female crabs

It can be distinguished by a simple method. The abdomen of hairy crab can be distinguished by looking at it, and it's a very vivid metaphor. The male crab wears t-pants, and the female crab has a flat abdomen, which looks like the moon in the water. That is to say, the male crab has a long shell on its abdomen, which is pointed, while the female crab is round.

If a girl is afraid of being caught and dare not take it up to see, there is another way: the hair on the male crab's pliers is more than that on the female crab's legs, and the hair on her legs is less, so she is naturally the female crab.

Why there is a saying of "nine females and ten males"

Eat the female crab in September and the male crab in October. Because in autumn, the climate gradually changes from cold to cold. In September of the lunar calendar, the digestive glands and ovaries of the female crab grow into crab roe to prepare for the needs of winter and next year's reproduction (in spring, crab roe becomes Crab Roe). At this time, when you peel the crab shell, you can see that there are many yellow and sticky things in the crab shell and the crab lump, that is, raw crab roe. When cooked, the crab turns red, and the deeper the red, the stronger the crab.

But male crabs grow more slowly. Until October of the lunar calendar, fat gradually accumulates and becomes crab cream. When you peel the shell of a male crab, you can see something white and sticky in the same place, which is crab paste. When cooked, the crabmeat becomes translucent. The more crab paste there is, the stronger the male crab is.