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What will happen if Jingdong Baitiao expires? The consequences are very serious

Now that the whole people have entered the era of early consumption, will you use Jingdong Baitiao? Credit card to repay, of course, Jingdong Baitiao also needs to repay. It's really good to see that some netizens say they don't intend to repay Jingdong Baitiao on the Internet. What will Jingdong Baitiao do? What will be the impact of overdue repayment? Will it affect personal credit records?

1. Jingdong Baitiao defaulting customer

Xiaobian saw a user in the Baitiao bar of Jingdong who said that he had not paid back more than 1700 yuan in his account, because he had no money to pay back. As a result, other barpals replied that he would make his personal credit records worse, and there would be stains, and it would be difficult to borrow money in the future. But the white note user said: 'this bad record is not gone in five years?' is it really so simple? Jingdong white note defaults and does not repay, and the record will be eliminated in five years? Xiaobian told you that you think it's too good.

2. Influence of overdue repayment of Jingdong Baitiao

If the general loan is not repaid in time, the resulting bad credit record will be kept for five years, which cannot be eliminated without special reasons; if the general credit card is overdue, the resulting bad credit record will be kept for two years in the credit system. In very few cases, due to the responsibility of the bank, the personal credit record is not good. The bank can communicate with the bank and apply to the central bank to issue relevant instructions for correction.

If you have defaulted on the repayment of Jingdong Baitiao, it's just a record of overdue payment. There will be resistance when you apply for the loan, but the impact will be reduced five years later.

3. The consequences of Jingdong's failure to pay back Baitiao

It is understood that in order to effectively control the bad debt rate, JD has interacted with the central bank, which can not only find personal credit records, but also call bad debts if users cheat in JD and maliciously fail to repay when due. The bank and Jingdong will remember you for life. It's impossible to get a loan. It's impossible to apply for a credit card. It's impossible to enjoy the service of using before paying.

Therefore, it is suggested that friends who have the conditions to use Jingdong Baitiao for consumption must carry out credit consumption under the condition of confirming that they have the ability to repay, so as to avoid finding out that the gain is not worth the loss. Of course, if you are short-term unable to repay, you can choose to pay in installments.

4. Future personal credit record global communication

Jingdong is not the central bank, so it can't be trusted. Of course not. Now the credit market has been opened. Not only the central bank, but also eight institutions such as Alibaba and Tencent have credit licenses. Jingdong people are going to apply for the second batch of personal credit licenses.

In a word, users of Jingdong Baitiao must establish the awareness of protecting personal credit. To avoid the loss of personal credit due to non repayment, so as to become an uninvited customer of the bank, which will hinder the application of credit card, consumer loan and even housing loan in the future. In the future, it is likely that your bad consumption record in one company will affect your consumption in many other banks and businesses.