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Persimmon eat much can get stone? Recommendation of the healthiest way to eat persimmon

It's autumn to eat persimmons again. The nutritional value of persimmons is relatively high. It's a kind of fruit that the old and the young like to eat. But many people say that if they eat persimmons too much, they will easily get stones. Do you know why?

Can eating persimmon lead to stone

Right amount of persimmon won't, but if you eat it on an empty stomach or in large quantities, you may get stones.

Generally speaking, appropriate consumption of persimmon has the functions of clearing away heat and dryness, moistening the lungs and resolving phlegm, softening and firming the body, relieving thirst and promoting body fluid, strengthening the spleen, etc., but because persimmon is rich in tannins and phenols, if it is eaten in large quantities or on an empty stomach, it is easy to cause stomach stones. Especially the persimmon which is not very ripe has more tannic acid, and it is easier to get stones if it is eaten in large quantity or on an empty stomach.

Eating persimmons on an empty stomach is easy to get stones

Persimmon has astringent taste, which contains tannin and tannic acid with strong convergence. It is easy to coagulate when encountering acid substances, while there is a lot of stomach acid in human body. If you eat persimmon on an empty stomach, the tannin and tannic substances in persimmon will coagulate easily when encountering stomach acid. In addition, the combination of stomach acid and protein in persimmon may produce precipitation, especially if you eat it on an empty stomach for a long time, it will lead to precipitation It needs operation to solve the gallstone.

Too much persimmon is easy to get stones

If persimmon is eaten too much at one time, the amount of tannic acid it contains will be more absorbed into the human body. Tannic acid is easy to react with protein or gastric acid in the human body, coagulate and form precipitate, and gather in the stomach and intestines, leading to persimmon stomach mass disease, also known as acute gastropulmonary stone. Note that immature persimmons have more tannins, which are more likely to cause gastropulmonary stones.

Tips: how many persimmons to eat at a time is not easy to get stones

Not more than 200 grams.

In order to avoid the occurrence of stone caused by excessive consumption of persimmon, it is necessary to control the consumption of persimmon. Generally, it is advisable to eat no more than 200 grams of persimmon at a time without fasting.

It's easy to get stone when eating persimmon with skin

Many people like to eat persimmons with their skin, while most of the tannins in the persimmons are concentrated in the skin, and the tannins are easy to precipitate the protein and stomach acid in the body, so eating the skin together is relatively easier to form stomach stones.

How to avoid stone from eating persimmon

The reason why eating persimmons is easy to get stones is that they contain too much tannic acid. In addition to controlling the amount and not eating on an empty stomach, you may as well take persimmons after Deastringency treatment before eating, which can greatly reduce the probability of getting stones. Besides, the persimmon taste will be better after the Deastringency treatment.

1. Biological Deastringency: the mixture layer of apples, pears, hawthorn and persimmon (1:10 ratio) is stacked in a closed container, which will consume a lot of oxygen, promote the anaerobic respiration of persimmon, produce acetaldehyde, and make tannin polymerize to complete Deastringency. Generally, it takes 5-7 days for soft persimmon.

2. Deastringency by warm water method: put persimmon fruit into a container, and then pour 40-50 ℃ warm water into the container. The container is tightly covered and can be Deastringency in 10-24 hours. It is used for hard persimmon.