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What do you mean by big pig hoof? The origin and source of big pig hoof

what does it mean that men are big pig hooves? This has become the biggest blockbuster this year. Before the TV series "the strategy of extending the year's Eve" was on the air. Recently, Huang sang and Nie yuan tweeted: "I want to ask you why is it called" big pig hoof "? Netizen:" big pig hoof means boasting. It describes a man who is full of collagen like a pig's hoof and is nutritious. ". Love Huang sang for three seconds!

Girls say boys mean big hoof. What do they mean? Generally speaking, there are two meanings. One kind of girl is not reliable.

As the term of Internet language, it is often used by girls for diss boys. You can use it to Tucao boys, and they can not understand the style and style of iron and steel straight boys. They can also use Tucao boys to pull up the heartless and big asshole. Before seeing the moon call someone else Britney Spears, now it is called a cow husband. In short, it can be said to be a universal Tucao language. We can generally understand the word as a sentence that is not unfamiliar to all of us, that is, 'men don't have a good thing'.

But netizens also have a heated discussion about this. Some netizens think it's abusive, while others think it's not. Netizens hot discussion:

Does a girl say that a boy's hoof is a curse

Actually, it's not a curse. It's just a kind of Tucao!

It is usually used by girls to diss men to change their minds and not count their words.

For example, Tucao men are courtesy when they are chasing girls, and when they catch up with their hands, they immediately change their attitudes. When they pursue, they hate to stick to girls every day. After they catch up with their hands, they find girls annoyed. They can also be used to Tucao boys. They are puzzled by iron and steel. They used to see the moon called Britney Spears. Now they call people Mrs. Niu … … in short, it is a universal Tucao language.