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How to exercise eight abdominal muscles

Everyone wants to have perfect ABS, especially boys. It's cool to have perfect ABS. Good figure, high turnover rate. The goddess is chasing you! The most difficult thing to exercise your abs is to persist. Once you give up halfway, you will be met with disaster. I have witnessed a body-building handsome man become a beer belly. It's terrible to think about it. So those who want to exercise must persist!

Exercise abdominal muscles need exercise and diet, so the effect will be significant. Four movements of abdominal muscle training: sit up, supine leg lift, two head lift, and suspension leg lift (the strength increases in turn). If more than 30 sit ups can be done, then do the supine leg lift; if more than 15 sit ups can be done, then do the two head lift; if more than 15 sit ups can be done, then do the suspension leg lift. Practice three times a week, one action at a time in three groups, each group to do about 10. In addition, the body fat rate is more than 10% fat will cover the abdominal muscles. Aerobic exercise. You should lose the extra fat in your abdomen first. Because even if you exercise regularly and have formed abdominal muscles, but accumulated extra fat in the abdomen, your abdominal muscles are difficult to show. If you have a small stomach, you need to jog for about 40 minutes to lose fat. About three to five times a week. If you can't run 40 minutes at a time, take a quick walk in the middle.

Don't eat at night if you eat. Eat at lunch or have some good snacks before dinner. Some nuts are also a good choice. Finally, I will give you a group of abdominal muscle exercises: sit ups in 3 groups, 25 in each group; abdominal rolling exercise in 2 groups, 20 in each group; folding sit ups in 2 groups, 15 in each group; static support (also known as plate support) for 3-6 minutes; flexed wheel running in 3 groups, 15 in each group; oblique muscle exercises: the oblique muscle is the muscle on one side of our stomach. By twisting the body's torso against the power of movement. Having said so much, the most important thing is the ability to act. Exercise now!