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Can I bring the power bank to the plane? Which charging batteries can be brought to the plane?

with the growing popularity of smart phones, although mobile phones play soundly, they also consume a lot of electricity. So many people like to take a power bank with them when they go out, can they take them on the plane? Generally speaking, a lot of contraband items can't be taken on the plane by plane. The power bank must meet the standard to take on the plane, so what kind of power bank can take on the plane?

On the flight, the rechargeable battery ignited on August 1, 2017. Today, Capital Airport revealed that at about 19:00 on July 31, China Southern Airlines flight cz6163 (Beijing Hangzhou) was taxiing, and a passenger's rechargeable battery was smoking. After the on-site inspection by the security inspection department, the passengers of the flight passed the security inspection, and the rated capacity of the rechargeable battery they carried was 5000mahx2, the output voltage was 5V, the calculated rated energy was 50wh, and the identification was clear, which met the civil aviation transportation standards.

The announcement on the regulations for passengers carrying "power bank" by Civil Aviation Administration has made clear regulations on the transportation of "power bank" commonly used by passengers. For example, passengers are strictly prohibited from consigning 'power bank', which can only be carried in or with hand-held baggage. The rated energy of 'power bank' shall not exceed 160 watt hours and the mark must be clear. Each person shall carry at most two, and shall not open the power bank on the aircraft.

After cz6163, it was launched normally, and the process did not affect the normal operation of capital airport. It is understood that at the time of the incident, the plane had been on the runway waiting to take off. In addition, according to the flight standard data, China Southern Airlines cz6163 took off at 18:35, and the actual take-off time was 20:48.

Some media said the passenger had been handed over to the police. In the morning, the reporter learned from the capital airport public security bureau that the police investigation results are consistent with the airport security check, and the power bank passed the security check normally, meeting the power bank carrying standard, which is not within the scope of the public security organ. The passenger was not handled by the public security department.

What kind of power bank can be brought to the aircraft? The rated energy is less than 100wh.

The Civil Aviation Administration has made relevant regulations for carrying mobile power on the aircraft. The power bank with rated energy less than 100wh can be carried on the aircraft. The direct power bank with rated energy between 100wh and 160wh can only be carried on the aircraft with the consent of the airline. The charging treasure will not directly indicate the rated energy, only the capacity. So only after conversion, can we know how much capacity of the battery can be brought to the plane.

How to identify the out of gauge power bank? First, it does not indicate the rated energy, but also fails to calculate the rated energy of the charger through the marked parameters, commonly known as "three no products", which is definitely out of specification;

Second, it is out of specification to clearly mark the rated energy of more than 160wh; if the rated energy of more than 100wh but less than 160wh, ask the airline if it can carry it.

However, some batteries are not marked with rated energy (WH), but with voltage (V) and capacity (ah), which can be converted into wh = V & times; ah. If the capacity is marked MAH, divide by 1000 to obtain ah.