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2018 National Day holiday notice arrangement National Day holiday notice model summary

It's getting closer to the national day. The new employees don't know how to write the 2018 National Day holiday notice. Today's editor will summarize some holiday notice arrangements for you.

2018 National Day holiday notice model (1)


The National Day is coming soon. In order to do a good job in holiday work and make all employees enjoy a happy and peaceful holiday, we hereby inform you of the holiday and related work arrangements as follows:

1、 According to the relevant national day holiday regulations of the state, after the company's study and decision:

From October 1 to 7, there will be 7 days off!

2、 All units should do their best to organize production and operation during the festival, strengthen coordination, seize the golden season of sales, and ensure the completion of production and operation tasks.

3、 Strengthen the work safety during the festival, and earnestly implement the requirements and measures for the work safety. Strengthen the management of environmental protection and labor discipline, and do a good job in the pre holiday safety inspection.

4、 Make a good living arrangement for festival employees, actively do a good job of "sending warmth" and visiting difficult employees, create a good festival atmosphere, strengthen the construction of harmonious enterprises, and enhance the cohesion of enterprises.

5、 Strengthen the duty work during the festival, ensure the smooth communication and adhere to the reporting system. Please report the national day duty report to the company's office before September 30.

Notice is hereby given.

2018 National Day holiday notice model (2)

All employees of all departments and directly affiliated institutions:

In accordance with the relevant provisions of the general office of the State Council and the actual situation of our company, after research and decision, the specific arrangement of our National Day holiday is hereby notified as follows

1. Leave time: from October 1 to October 7, 2018, 7 days in total.

2. After the National Day holiday: please arrive on time on October 8, and continue to work for 7 consecutive days. Please arrange your own itinerary.

3. During the holiday, all departments shall properly arrange the duty and do a good job in security. In case of major emergencies, timely report and properly handle according to the regulations. The emergency management service center shall provide emergency management services.

4. Before the holiday, please close the water and electricity supply, lock the doors and windows, and do a good job in security.

5. Please pay attention to the weather, safety and beware of being cheated when you go out during the holiday.

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September XX, 2018