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What's the weather like on National Day 2018? Weather forecast for National Day

Is the weather good on National Day 2018? The weather on National Day is related to whether you are willing to go out for tourism. So what is the weather condition during the National Day? Look at it together, the good weather condition directly determines the travel mood.

How is the weather on National Day 2018

During the national day of 2018, the temperature is usually below 30 & deg; and about 25 & deg; in general, the climate is relatively comfortable. The weather at this time is more suitable for travel.

From September 25 to October 4, the accumulated rainfall in the central and southern part of Northeast China, the western part of Jiangnan, the western part of South China and the eastern part of Southwest China is 25-50 mm, and 80-150 mm in some areas. The rainfall in the above areas is more than that in the same period of the year. The rainfall in the east of North China, most of Huanghuai and the Middle East of Jianghuai is less.

In the next 10 days, the average temperature in most parts of Northwest China, North China, central and southern part of Northeast China, Huanghuai, Jianghuai, northern Jiangnan and Sichuan Basin will be 1-3 ℃ lower than that in the same period of the whole year, and the average temperature in southern Jiangnan, South China and Qinghai Tibet Plateau will be 1-2 ℃ higher.

Weather forecast for National Day 2018

National Day south weather:

The National Day has passed the autumnal equinox, and the Yangtze River Basin and the vast area to the north of it have entered the autumn successively. Before and after the national day, the sun almost hits the equator, and most parts of the world are almost the same day and night. At this time, the temperature in the southern region generally dropped to about 25 ℃ and entered a cool autumn. One autumn rain and one cold. A stream of cold air from the south meets the gradually decaying warm and humid air, producing rainfall and temperature drop again and again. So watch out for the autumn rain.

National day weather in the North:

"In August, Yanmen opens and Yaner's feet bring frost." it's not surprising that the temperature in Northeast China falls early at the annual equinox, and the autumn equinox is full of frost. In the northeast of the earth, the National Day has obviously turned cold, so the national day needs to pay attention to heat preservation, do not get cold when you go out to play.

In the northern part of the Northwest Plateau, the lowest temperature drops below 0 ℃ before and after the national day, and a magnificent snow scene with the sky and the earth covered in silver can be seen.

The northern air conditioning group began to have a certain influence. The rainy season was just over in most areas, with cool wind, blue sky, sunny, cool autumn, fragrant osmanthus, fat crab and yellow chrysanthemum. The autumn equinox is a beautiful and pleasant season. It is also an important solar term in agricultural production. After the autumnal equinox, the position of direct sunlight is moved to the southern hemisphere, and the solar radiation in the northern hemisphere is less and less, while the heat lost from the ground is more, and the speed of temperature reduction is obviously accelerated. Agricultural proverbs say: 'a cold autumn rain', 'White Dew autumn night, night cold night'.