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What is Siwu soup? There are so many benefits for women to drink Siwu soup

Maybe many people are the first to hear that Siwu Tang medicinal diet is made of four kinds of traditional Chinese medicine. For women, Siwu Tang is definitely a good decoction. What are the effects and functions of Siwu Tang? What are the benefits for women to drink Siwu Tang?

How to drink Siwu soup

Siwu Decoction, as a traditional medicinal diet, is popular among women. Women who drink Siwu Decoction in physiological period have the effect of relieving menstrual pain; women who have irregular menstruation can drink Siwu Decoction to improve menstrual period, which has the effect of relieving menstrual volume and amenorrhea; women who have just had a baby drink Siwu decoction, which can treat fetal diseases. Even if we usually drink a little Siwu soup, it is very good for nourishing blood and blood, promoting skin care, beauty and beauty. So how much do you know about this traditional medicine diet?

What is Siwu soup

It may be the first time that many people have heard of this medicinal diet. Siwu Decoction refers to four kinds of traditional Chinese medicine, namely, cooked land, angelica, white peony and Chuanxiong. The four traditional Chinese medicines have different effects, but when they are blended together, they can complement each other and supplement body nutrition together.

What are the specific nutrition of Siwu Decoction

Women need to replenish blood. The function of Angelica is reflected. Angelica is the elixir of replenishing blood. By taking angelica, it can replenish blood and regulate menstruation, constantly improve the body, and moisturize the skin. It can be said that angelica is more effective than many foods. Click the blue words to learn more: the effect and function of Angelica these four ways of eating are especially suitable for women

It has the function of Nourishing Yin, nourishing blood and adding essence. It can strengthen the ability of tonifying blood and promoting blood circulation together with angelica. It can regulate menstruation;

White peony also has the function of nourishing blood. It is recorded in Tang materia medica that white peony benefits women's blood, which means that white peony can benefit women's blood. Modern medicine shows that eating white peony can nourish blood and protect liver;

Finally, it is mentioned that Ligusticum chuanxiong has the function of promoting blood circulation and qi circulation, and it is also a common drug for treating gynecological diseases. It can relieve the discomfort of menstrual breasts, and at the same time, it can promote blood circulation and qi circulation, open depression and relieve depression.

In the process of collocation, both Radix Rehmanniae and Radix Paeoniae Alba are Yin, softness and blood tonifying herbs, while angelica and Ligusticum chuanxiong are just Qi tonifying herbs. The combination of blood tonic and blood tonic promotes blood circulation.

How to drink Siwu soup more effectively

According to different situations, drinking Siwu Tang can protect the body. For example, women in the physiological period have dysmenorrhea, or they want to replenish blood in the physiological period. They can drink Siwu Tang every day since the end of menstruation. Drinking Siwu Tang for three consecutive days can regulate dysmenorrhea and replenish blood.

The parturient who has just given birth can drink Siwu Decoction to replenish blood during the period of sitting on the moon, which can regulate the body and promote recovery, and is also very effective for nourishing the skin.

How to make Siwu soup

Siwu soup is the first medicinal diet for nourishing blood. There is Siwu soup which can be easily brewed on the market. Of course, the effect is not satisfactory. If you make it by yourself, you can go to the pharmacy to catch 15g of angelica, cooked land, Ligusticum chuanxiong and white peony. When decocting, it's best to use a casserole. Put four kinds of traditional Chinese medicine in the casserole, add four bowls of water, each bowl is 100ml, and finally decocting into a bowl, remove the residue of medicine, and then drink.

Recommended diet

The parturient can eat stewed chicken in Siwutang during pregnancy, among which black chicken is recommended for chicken, which is also a blood tonic food, which can play a role in blood tonifying and Qi Promoting. When sitting on the moon, it is very good to drink stewed chicken with Siwutang for the puerpera to replenish blood, conduct blood, benefit the body and maintain the skin.

Matters needing attention

Of course, Siwu soup is not suitable for all people, and precautions should not be ignored when eating. For example, it is a woman with a hot constitution and a heavy internal heat. It is better not to drink Siwutang, so as not to get angry. When decocting, 15g of each kind of traditional Chinese medicine is not constant, but also depends on different situations, such as:

Blood fever patients should reduce the use of Ligusticum chuanxiong;

For women with deficiency cold constitution, the mature land is better, while for women with heat constitution, the raw land is more suitable;

If you are easy to catch fire and have acne, you'd better not drink Siwu soup to avoid aggravating such symptoms.