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When will Sanmen green crab go on sale in 2018? Here's the trick to choose three kinds of green crab

Nineties is the best season to eat hairy crabs. In addition to Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, Sanmen green crabs are also very good. Sanmen green crab is a special product of Sanmen County, Zhejiang Province. It is the most famous and the best to eat. It is produced by Sanmen Bay in the central coastal area of Zhejiang Province and is a precious seafood food.

When will Sanmen green crab go on sale

Sanmen green crab has been on the market before and after Qingming Festival, but it will be cold, and there are few green crabs. Generally, the time when Sanmen green crabs are listed in large quantities is around the Mid Autumn Festival. Don't miss the crab lovers. September is the peak season for Sanmen green crab to go on sale. At this time, the shell of green crab is as big as a plate, and the yellow crab is full of oil.

How much is Sanmen green crab

The price of common Sanmen green crab is about 50-70 yuan per kilogram, and it will be reduced in Sanmen green crab Festival. Of course, there will be certain changes in the market prices of aquatic products in different regions and regions, which can not be controlled artificially.

How to choose Sanmen green crab

1. When selecting male crabs, it's better to weigh two or three hundred grams. It is possible that the large blue crab has already mated with the female crab. The meat is not delicious and compact enough.

2. Lift up the green crab and look at the zigzag top of the crab shell with the backlight. If it is completely opaque, it means it is plump. On the contrary, it is not full.

3. The white or even transparent bottom of the green crab represents that the crab has just changed its shell. Because most of the energy is consumed during the shell changing, the meat is usually not much; the dirty bottom usually has fat meat.