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Is pregnant cold drink chicken soup useful? Precautions for pregnant women to drink chicken soup

Chicken soup is a relatively nutritious food. Pregnant women may have a cold during pregnancy. Some expectant mothers do not take medicine for the sake of fetal health. Can pregnant women drink chicken soup for a cold? Can chicken soup treat a cold?

1. Step 1

Cut the chicken and put it in cold water. After boiling, remove the chicken and wash it.

2. Step 2

Put the chicken into the pressure cooker, and ginger, shallot, wolfberry, dangshen, angelica, red dates and so on. You can also add a spoonful of cooking wine, and put Yuzhu and Yimi into it. Remember to add a little salt to taste. After putting all the ingredients in, remember to add water less than an inch of chicken. Bring to a boil.

3. Step 3

Wait for the high-pressure boiler to start to air-jet, then turn the fire to medium pressure for about five minutes, and then to low pressure for ten minutes. Finally, turn off the fire.

4. Step 4

Open the lid and remove the scallion and ginger, then add salt and chicken essence to taste. It's ready to serve.

To stew chicken soup for pregnant women, we must pay attention not to add water halfway, so we must pay attention to the amount of water when we prepare.

Diet taboo of chicken soup

1. There are different effects of the decoction for male and female chicken

When choosing to eat chicken and chicken soup, we should choose the right male and female chicken according to the symptoms. Male chicken, which belongs to Yang, has a strong warming effect, and is suitable for the patients with Yang deficiency and weak Qi. Female chicken belongs to Yin, which is more suitable for parturient women and those who are old and weak and have a long illness and deficiency.

2. Iron should not be taken with chicken soup

The content of phosphorus in chicken is high. In order to avoid affecting the absorption of iron, do not eat chicken or drink chicken soup when taking iron.

3. Chicken soup is not suitable for patients with stomach diseases

Chicken soup can stimulate the secretion of gastric acid, so patients with excessive gastric acid, gastric ulcer or gastric bleeding are generally not suitable to drink chicken soup. In addition, the chicken is warm. In order to avoid heat, the patients with noisy stomach heat should not drink chicken soup.

4. Chicken soup is not suitable for patients with biliary diseases

People who often have cholecystitis and cholelithiasis should not drink more chicken soup, because the digestion of fat in chicken soup needs the participation of bile. After drinking chicken soup, it will stimulate the contraction of gallbladder, which is easy to cause cholecystitis.

5. Chicken soup is not suitable for renal insufficiency

Chicken soup contains some small molecular proteins. For patients with acute nephritis, acute and chronic renal insufficiency or uremia, because the patient's kidney and liver can't deal with the protein decomposition products in time, drinking too much chicken soup will cause azotemia and aggravate the disease.

6. Chicken soup is not suitable for patients with hypertension

High blood pressure patients drink chicken soup will make blood pressure continue to rise, difficult to fall, long-term drinking also easy to cause arteriosclerosis.