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How many anniversaries is national day 2018? Origin and origin of National Day

National Day is a legal holiday made by a country to commemorate the country itself. National Day is a day of national celebration, which is always remembered. 2018 is the 69th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China, which is the 69th national day. So what is the origin of national day? Follow Xiaobian to recall this extraordinary time.

They are usually the independence of the country, the signing of the constitution, the birth of the head of state or other significant anniversaries; some are the saint's day of the country's patron saint.

Although most countries have similar anniversaries, due to the complex political relationship, this festival in some countries can not be called National Day. For example, the United States has only independence day and no national day, but they have the same meaning.

In ancient China, the emperor's accession to the throne and birth was called "National Day".

Today, the national day of China refers to October 1, the anniversary of the formal establishment of the people's Republic of China.

The longest National Day in the world history is San Marino's national day. As far back as 301 A.D., San Marino designated September 3 as its national day.

the origin of National Day

October 1, 1949, the anniversary of the founding of New China. It should be clear that, in many people's minds, l October 1949 at Tiananmen Square in Beijing, hundreds of thousands of soldiers and civilians to participate at the founding ceremony of the PRC. In fact, the impression in people's minds is not accurate. Because, October 1, 1949 ceremony, held in Tiananmen Square is the establishment ceremony of the Central People's Government, not the founding ceremony.

In fact, the "Founding" of the people's Republic of China, that is, the founding of the people's Republic of China, was announced a week before October 1 of that year. At that time, it was not called "the founding ceremony", but "the founding ceremony". Time is September 21, 1949. On this day, director of the CPPCC preparatory meeting Mao Zedong caused the first session of the CPPCC's opening statement has been declared the birth of new China.

Customs on National Day

Every national day, every country will hold various ceremonies to celebrate, in order to strengthen the patriotic consciousness of its people and enhance the cohesion of the country. Countries should also congratulate each other. On the national day of five to ten, some even need to expand the scale of celebration. In order to celebrate the national day, governments usually hold a National Day reception, which is presided over by the head of state, head of government or minister for foreign affairs, inviting the envoys and other important foreign guests stationed in the local countries to attend. However, some countries do not hold reception, such as the United States and the United Kingdom do not hold reception.

What are the customs of national day in China

1. Light up

Every national day in China, enterprises and institutions will hang lanterns or banners to celebrate the national day with slogans such as "celebrate the National Day"; on the square, there are bonsai and hydrogen balloons with slogans to welcome the national day with a happy atmosphere.

2. National Day holiday

October 1 is the national day of our country every year. In 1999, our country revised and issued the national day and Memorial Day holiday method, which combined the national day with the neighboring Saturday and day into a 7-day National Day holiday, known as the "National Day Golden Week". With the situation of holiday, the common people feel the joy of national day.

3. Freeway free

With the improvement of people's living standards, private cars have become more and more popular. People usually use the 7-day National Day holiday to visit the great rivers and mountains of the motherland. Therefore, since 2012, the National Day expressway has been free for private cars. The free time for National Day holiday in 2012 is from 00:00 on September 30 to 24:00 on October 7

4. National Day parade

There have been 14 National Day military parades since the founding of our country. In addition to the military parades at the founding ceremony in 1949, the three National Day military parades in 1984, 1999 and 2009 impressed me most. Through the National Day military parade, we can not only celebrate the national day and enhance our national prestige, but also show the strong national defense strength of our country to the world, which makes the people feel a strong sense of pride.

5. Flag raising ceremony of Tian'anmen

On national day, it is a dream in the hearts of countless people to go to Tian'anmen Square to see the national flag. Therefore, people who take advantage of the long National Day holiday to visit Beijing usually come to Tian'anmen Square early to watch the flag raising of the soldiers of the national flag class, to express their great love for the motherland, and to watch the five-star red flag rising slowly, the excitement in their hearts is beyond words.

6. National Day party

Before and after the national day, in order to celebrate the national day and promote the corporate culture, all enterprises and institutions will organize their employees to hold the National Day party and express the joy of the National Day in the form of artistic performances.