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How to deal with mobile phone flooding? Summary of the first time treatment method for mobile phone

When we use mobile phones in our daily life, there are often some accidents. The most common phenomenon is that mobile phones are flooded, which is a big taboo. Let's see how to deal with the inflow of smart phones brought by Xiaobian.

What to do if the mobile phone is flooded

1: No matter what kind of water your cell phone falls into, you should remove the cell phone battery directly at the first time (instead of pressing the shutdown button)!

2: Use napkins or cotton balls, swabs, etc. that do not remove ashes to suck up all the water that can be dried outside.

3: If it falls into the clear water, you can clean the mobile phone with anhydrous alcohol once, because the alcohol volatilizes quickly, you can volatilize the water on the circuit board together (provided you have anhydrous alcohol). If it falls into the sewage, it shall be cleaned immediately, and the visible dirt shall be cleaned first, and the impurities attached to the component pin shall be brushed off with a brush.

4: Use a hair dryer to swing the dryer far away. (be careful not to blow at a place too close or for a long time)

5: Keep the mobile phone in a cool and dry place for 24 hours. If there is no hair dryer to dry the water, it is better to keep it for 48 hours.

Mobile phone water intake taboo:

The first taboo: blow with the hot air of the blower or insolate in the sun? It is easy to cause the deformation of the circuit board;

The second taboo: can not press the shutdown key to shut down the phone, because once you press the shutdown key, the phone will power up and work, which is likely to cause short circuit and damage to the main board of the phone;

Third taboo: do not test frequently. Wait at least 24 hours before putting on the battery to check the situation;

Fourth taboo: do not move any key of the mobile phone before drying to prevent short circuit from damaging the mobile phone.