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Does Tencent QQ scan 100 yuan really have Phoenix? AR technology teaches you to distinguish the auth

Recently, a lot of people are uploading a video on the jitter. Scanning one hundred yuan will lead to a phoenix flying in the sky. How did this happen? This is the latest technology used for the anti-counterfeiting of banknotes, mainly using AR identification technology, which is used for the anti-counterfeiting and verification of RMB 100 new version, and also a new application of new technology anti-counterfeiting.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the issuance of RMB. In order to popularize the anti-counterfeiting knowledge of RMB, China Banknote Printing and Minting Corporation jointly launched this ar recognition video with Tencent. This only needs QQ software installed in the mobile phone to realize this function. It's really amazing. Let's try it!

Only QQ software in the mobile phone can be used to verify the anti-counterfeiting verification of the newly issued 100 yuan banknote, that is, the local giant banknote. Wechat can't be used. Many people use wechat to scan for half a day. If they don't, it's a lie. This anti-counterfeiting verification appears in Phoenix, which can only be realized by QQ scanning. Wechat does not have this function.

How to use it. After opening the QQ software in the mobile phone, aim at the newly released version of tuhaojin RMB, open the symbol "+" in the upper right corner of QQ, click it, and then scan the tuhaojin RMB, and then a very magical and beautiful publicity picture will appear. A phoenix slowly flies out of the hundred yuan banknote, and then there will be a pink elegant Peony Blossom in a green, and then a big colorful butterfly will fly out of the flowers, and then there will be a spectacular scene in the Great Hall of the people in Beijing, and then it will start to display each anti-counterfeiting identification mark in the hundred yuan banknote, which will also let you anti-counterfeiting for the hundred yuan banknote Technology has a new understanding and experience.

The application of this new technology is not only the embodiment of our scientific and technological development, but also the re upgrading of anti-counterfeiting verification technology, and also one of the symbols of the rapid development of high technology in our country. We can see the development of science and technology and the magic of technology from a small 100 yuan bill here. Let us know more about RMB, so that we can be more proud of our motherland! We should also study the anti-counterfeiting identification of 100 yuan banknotes in our life, and use and protect RMB well.