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How to choose the best grapefruit? This way, you can choose more pomelo skin, thin fruit and meat

Autumn is coming, and when grapefruit is on the market in large quantities, grapefruit is a kind of special fruit with sweet and sour taste and rich nutrition. However, sometimes the selected grapefruit is not only thick skin but also very hard to eat when it comes home, so it is also a technical job to pick grapefruit.

How to choose delicious grapefruit

1. When you choose grapefruit, you'd better choose the grapefruit with smooth and delicate skin. This kind of grapefruit has good maturity and tastes sweet and juicy. However, grapefruit with rough or too yellow appearance is not recommended for you to buy if it has been stored for too long or not grown well.

2. When people choose grapefruit, they try to buy grapefruit with thin skin. Grapefruit with thin skin is delicious. If you can't judge the thickness of the skin, you can press it with your hand. If the skin is hard, it is thin. If the skin is soft, it is thick.

3、 In the selection of grapefruit, the weight of grapefruit is also very important, the same size of grapefruit is the best choice to buy heavy, because the heavy grapefruit water is more, the taste is also more sweet when eating, while the same size of grapefruit weight is lighter, its internal water less to eat up that sweet and sour taste.

4. The shape is also very important when selecting grapefruit. The best choice is the grapefruit with a wide top and a wide bottom. Because the grapefruit with a shorter neck has a flat degree, which is a sign of more meat. The grapefruit with a longer neck has more skin and less meat, so the taste is not good. Therefore, it is not recommended to buy it.