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How long does it take to apply for Hong Kong and Macao pass in 2018? Details of the procedures for h

Mainland tourists to Hong Kong and Macao must have a Hong Kong and Macao pass. Passports alone are not allowed. It is still necessary to apply for Hong Kong and Macao passes in advance, so how long does it take to apply for Hong Kong and Macao passes? If you want to go to Hong Kong to play, it is better to do so in advance.

What documents do I need to apply for when I travel to Hong Kong?

For mainland Chinese residents to visit Hong Kong and Macao, they need to apply for Hong Kong and Macao pass, as well as Hong Kong endorsement and Macao endorsement. The application materials required for handling shall be subject to the materials provided on the official website of the Ministry of public security.

When handling, take the corresponding application materials to the exit and Entry Administration of the public security organ of the place where the permanent residence is located.

What are the procedures?

preparation. Original and copy of ID card and household register (copy on A4 paper, can be copied on the same paper), 2-inch light background color photos (can also be taken on site, the cost needs to be paid by oneself). (the copy of household register needs to copy the household register information on the page of the party concerned)

I will submit my application to the entry exit administration office of the place where my household registration is located and fill in the application form for going to Hong Kong and Macao.

If you only go to Hong Kong, you will apply for Hong Kong endorsement. If you only go to Macao, you will apply for Macao endorsement. If you go to Hong Kong and Macao, you will apply for both. (20 yuan for each one-time transaction, 40 yuan for each two-time transaction, plus 20 yuan for annotation fee)

After the application is completed, we can't get the Hong Kong and Macao pass immediately. We need to receive our Hong Kong and Macao pass at home after 10 working days from the date of acceptance.

Generally speaking, after the date of going to Hong Kong is determined, you can apply for Hong Kong and Macao pass and endorsement.

In addition, because the new version of Hong Kong and Macao card pass is now used, it is not necessary to stamp the exit and entry inspection stamp when passing the border inspection. The use of the exit and entry of the holder and the endorsement is recorded and managed by the chip and information system, which is also more convenient.

What you care about when you pass the Customs:

Is entry card required for Hong Kong entry?

There is no need to fill in an entry card when entering Hong Kong with a Hong Kong Macao pass. If you have a passport, you need to fill it in. For example, you must use a passport when you come back from abroad. At this time, you need to fill in the entry card.

How many times does it take to go back to Hong Kong from Hong Kong to Macao?

A15 requires one Hong Kong and one Macao endorsement. Because Hong Kong has an additional itinerary policy, that is, to return to Hong Kong once in seven days, other than mainland China, is an additional itinerary that can be counted as one endorsement, so only one Hong Kong endorsement is needed.

How do you commute between Hong Kong and Macao?

There are high-speed ships and helicopters between Hong Kong and Macao. The most convenient and economical way is high-speed ship, which can reach Macao in an hour.

There are three terminals in Hong Kong that can reach Macao by ship, namely, Hong Kong Macau terminal, zhonggangcheng terminal (China passenger terminal) and Haitian passenger terminal of Hong Kong International Airport. If you take a helicopter, you need to go to the Hong Kong and Macao terminals in Central China. It takes 30 minutes to arrive at the new Hong Kong and Macao terminals in 15 minutes.

How is the public security in Hong Kong?

Many people who watch Hong Kong movies grow up may think that Hong Kong is not very safe, but in fact, Hong Kong is the city with the best security and social stability within China's borders, and also one of the safest and most stable regions in the world.

Basically every street will be patrolled by very handsome police. But going out carefully is always a common sense of travel. No matter how safe you are, you should also take good care of your finances. You should not go out alone to remote places or late at night. In case of emergency, including robbers, fire alarm, ambulance call, etc., you can call 999.