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Can I have instant noodles on the high-speed rail? The high-speed rail men are angry with fierce wom

Can I eat instant noodles on the high-speed rail? Previously, there was a big fight between the two because of whether they can eat instant noodles on the high-speed rail, which caused controversy. Instant noodles can be eaten on the high-speed railway, but in consideration of the discomfort of passengers caused by eating instant noodles, the parties can go to the dining car of the high-speed railway or the joint of the carriage for dinner.

From the point of view of laws and regulations, there is no clear stipulation that it is not allowed to eat. However, considering that the compartment is a closed space, the food with a strong smell will have an impact on the surrounding passengers, it is better to eat as little as possible from the perspective of mutual understanding. But it is true that there is no sale of instant noodles on the high-speed rail, but there is no provision prohibiting passengers from eating instant noodles on the high-speed rail. That is to say, if passengers bring their own high-speed rail on the foam surface, it can be eaten.

Expansion information:

The reason why many railway passengers choose to take their own instant noodles on the high-speed railway is not that they don't know how delicious instant noodles are, or how delicious and attractive they are, but mainly because the current food provided by the railway department on the high-speed railway is really unattractive, which often makes many passengers feel that it's far inferior to instant noodles It's affordable.

As we all know, for the high-speed railway box meal, although the railway department has repeatedly stressed and promised to 'ensure the continuous supply of 15 yuan box meal', and written into the "EMU train service quality specification", but the actual situation and this high-speed railway service commitment has a considerable gap. For example, in many high-speed rail trains, the relatively cheap "15 yuan boxed meal" is often not so easy to obtain, and the more easily available ones are usually 30 yuan, 40 yuan or even higher price boxed meal. Even if the "15 yuan box meal" is continuously provided, its quality and quality are often not complimented. Many passengers see its "product" and quit.