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What do the boys think when the girls are trying to get back together? The boys are eager to get bac

For lovers in love, it is inevitable that they will experience all kinds of quarrels, contradictions and cold war when they are in contact. Some lovers will go their separate ways because of these reasons, and some lovers will finally achieve good results after suffering. So in love, do you like to say goodbye to your boyfriend? After the break-up, what do girls think when they propose to get back together?

In general, if a relationship boy first proposes to break up, it is estimated that there will not be much room for recovery. Because boys are more rational most of the time, every decision they make is thoughtful, so once boys break up, do not go to haunt, try to control their emotions, and maintain their last dignity in love.

What are the performances that boys want to get back together after breaking up?

1, miss

If you just break up, the boy will continue to contact you, which means that there is no quarrel between you, and there is still the possibility of compounding, but at this time, the girl should carefully consider whether to do so.

2, jealous

After the break-up, the ex boyfriend is still tangled with you all the time, and also needs to check who you are doing with. Once these behaviors occur, it means that the other side can't forget you after the break-up, can't bear your intimate behavior with other boys, and will be very angry when you see you with the opposite sex, which is also a way of showing love for you.

3. Want to see you

If after the break-up, the boys will continue to invite you to dinner, which shows that they are actually very resistant to break up with you from the heart.