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What's the reason for the family's return? Recalling sounds of the funeral family

Do you often brush off some non mainstream photos on the jitter? The post-90s generation should have gone through a period of non mainstream family love. At that time, they kept their explosive heads, played flaming words, and looked up at the sky. In the space, all kinds of melancholy were very popular. At that time, they felt that they were in fashion. The fashion was the most fashionable. Now, they also look ashamed. They couldn't look at themselves who thought they were in fashion.

Recently, in the jitter, it began to become popular again. It is estimated that after 00, it doesn't understand what this means. This is the exclusive memory of the post-90s. It is also the memory of our youth. Recently, many of the young girls have turned out their clothes and hair accessories, and have gone to the barber shop to do the non mainstream hairstyles.

There are not only little sisters, but also boys who are beginning to return. This big prince is the most focused on non mainstream. He has changed his non mainstream clothes every day for several months in a row. He is also very serious in his performance. He claims to be a family mourner and will broadcast live at night, which is a very special anchor.

You have not forgotten this cool style, have you? Fashion is said to be a reincarnation, will it be a day when the non mainstream family will return?

​ the recent trembling sound set off a non mainstream memory of 90's, and I believe that a great wave of 90's memories will be full. After 90, they should have gone through a period of non mainstream. At that time, they kept exploding heads, marshalling language, and various 45°. Looking up at the sky, all kinds of melancholy in the space were popular. I can't look directly at myself who thought it was fashionable. Perhaps when you look up the previous albums, you will find that you also felt so fashionable and fashionable at that time. Think that there must be a comb in the pocket of a girl at that time, a small mirror, and occasionally comb the bangs to sell cute. Although it's really a bit hard to look back at the photos at that time. After shaking the voice, the collective nostalgia is not mainstream. The head of the meatball covers the face of V.