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What was the first kiss experience? Let's see what men and women say

For many people, is the feeling of the first kiss fresh in memory? That kind of scalp tingling tension and stimulation in life, each of us will have many first time, the first love, the first hand in hand, the first hug with the opposite sex, the first kiss with others.

The first kiss should be fresh in our memory for each of us. The feeling of the first kiss may never be forgotten in our life.

Today, I saw a netizen on the Internet asking this question: what kind of experience is the first time you kiss someone? Do you remember what your first kiss is like?

There are many netizens who have expressed their feelings about this problem. Let's see how they say it:

@Little a: the first kiss, the second year of high school, the God of man's birthday, a group of people singing in KTV, he suddenly hugged me and kissed me, but the brain was blank, there was a feeling of electric shock, at night, he came home and found that his mouth was swollen.

@Little B: I have forgotten how long ago. I felt that my mind was blank at that time. At that time, the kiss was very selfless and intense. I didn't feel that his beard was a little hard until he said that my beard hurt him. We just separated.

@Little C: I remember that the first kiss was in junior high school, and I couldn't breathe for the first time. I couldn't breathe when I kissed. Later, I found that actually kissing and breathing didn't delay.

@Little D: for her birthday, I stopped her drinking and got drunk. She went to the toilet and fell in. All of them surrounded me to ask if I had anything. Then she drove people out and locked the door. Then I kissed them. But at that time, I was dizzy. Anyway, I felt very soft and comfortable, and I would never forget it. Although separated for two years.

Spicy taste, because the same spicy taste, and then

My first kiss tastes like leek and egg. Who wants it?

The first kiss was full lips and a barbed beard. When I close my eyes, I feel a donkey's mouth gnawing at me. Now we've been married for more than ten years, and there's still a shadow. Don't kiss.

Garlic taste & hellip; pure garlic taste. Ouch, my mom. That taste. I've been choking my nose for a long time. Later I knew that she had eaten a lot of garlic puree just after eating the pancakes. I have to bear it

The first kiss to a friend, she said, I told you a secret, and then came up to me, bahaw kissed my mouth and said, I like you, this is the secret, I think I missed a beat of heart beat. Now I'm a woman.

In college, we fell in love and went out too late to go back to school, so we stayed in a hotel. That night, after taking a bath, I secretly kissed her face and her mouth, which I will never forget.

When I was a child, I heard that girls especially like kissing boys with tobacco flavor. When I grow up, I just want to say, aren't you afraid that he will get lung cancer later?

I think Xiaobian also had a girlfriend & hellip; & hellip; ah! Don't Zi, don't Zi, wake up & hellip; & hellip;

Do you remember who you first kissed? How did you feel then?