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How much is a lipstick? Memories from childhood

Autumn has already arrived. For many women coming to the clubhouse, is it necessary to start buying lipstick? Dry lips in the autumn are easy to make people look dull, so one hand has become standard. So what's the taste of the big white rabbit lip balm?

Rabbit lip balm is easy to use? Rabbit candy, I believe many people have eaten it, Xiaobian remember when they were young, especially like to eat, so very impressed with the White Rabbit candy. I didn't expect that the lipstick of the big white rabbit will be on the market recently. This time the lipstick comes from the big white rabbit. It is estimated that it will arouse the joy of the consumers. Let's take a look at this rabbit lip balm. At 10 o'clock in September 20th, the white rabbit lip balm is the first one in the electricity supplier.

According to the electricity supplier data, this lipstick was first launched on 920 lines, two yuan 78 yuan, and half seconds seconds. Many post-80s netizens commented: 'if you apply a thin layer to your lips, you can set off a wave of & lsquo; memory killing & rsquo;, which makes you happy and yearning. 'it is reported that the next batch of goods will go online at the end of October. The reporter noted that the time-honored brands have made cross-border innovations in recent years. For example, Luzhou Laojiao perfume, Zhou Heiya and Yu Ni Fang jointly launched the spicy lipstick, six gods and Rio launched the toilet water cocktail and so on. The cream candy lip gloss rabbit launches lip balm, which is bold and avant-garde, and pokes a group of people's memory.

Of course, it is necessary to make clear that the toffee flavor lip balm is not produced by the rabbit itself, but is combined with another local beauty makeup brand. In this wave of operation, big white rabbit should only provide brand authorization and some channels. Under the market situation of old Ganma's coming out of the sweater and Liushen's coming out of the cocktail, the time-honored brands cross the border frequently. The background of the time-honored brands is that in recent years, the wave of rejuvenation of domestic products driven by "emotional killing" and "memory killing" has gradually become a climate. In this process, the catalysis and assistance of social media play an important role. With the re popularity of all kinds of time-honored brands and domestic products, this thing has become a topic, and its brand value is also rising all the way. Thanks to this, it is able to embark on a way to realize the brand dividend.

An interesting phenomenon is that the so-called cross-border innovative products of time-honored brands are often sold only through e-commerce channels. Take the white rabbit Lip Balm as an example, its first source of goods was only 920, and it was sold out in an instant. The reason for this arrangement is to give full play to the advantages of e-commerce channels to the greatest extent, but there is also the suspicion of "hungry marketing": first release small batch of product water test, and calculate the potential demand through the pre-sale results, and finally supply goods on demand based on the logic of "order before production". In this way, it can not only bring potential purchasers to the end, but also avoid overstocking of inventory, so as to earn the maximum benefit at the lowest cost.

To sum up, by combing similar cross-border cases of time-honored brands, we can easily find a general rule, which is "large dynamic and small static". In a sense, this kind of action is not only selling goods, but also marketing, that is to say, making topics through brand cross-border, improving brand value through making topics, and then continuing brand authorization cross-border play at a higher price.

In theory, this has formed a closed-loop business model in which brands and benefits stimulate each other and spiral upward. The only question is, how long will the public pay for such a drama? When will the day of aesthetic fatigue come? It should be noted that cross-border brand is a shortcut for brand realization, but it also has the risk of 'brand drift' or 'brand devaluation'. Compared with creating a temporary topic, it may be more difficult for consumers to keep their love for old brands for a long time. Old brands on the road of rejuvenation should be prepared for this.