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Can chestnut be heated in microwave oven? What can't be put into the microwave?

in daily life, when people go to the market to buy fresh chestnut for eating, many people like to make their own stir fried chestnut at home. Can chestnut be heated in microwave oven? What should be paid attention to in chestnut heating?

Can I bake chestnut in microwave oven

Yes, but you need to clean it first, and then you need to cut the shell and the fur inside. Otherwise, it will explode and cause unnecessary damage.

Method of roasting chestnut in microwave oven

Clean the chestnut

2. Make a cross cut of chestnut with a knife

3 put the chestnut into a clean container and add some sugar and oil

4 add a small amount of water to the soaked chestnut and put it into the special bowl for microwave oven (pay attention to the space on the bowl cover, and ventilate it)

5 put it in the microwave and turn it on for 15 minutes

Take it out, shake the chestnut, and turn it on high for 5 minutes

Cooking skills

Can chestnut be roasted in microwave oven? Can chestnut be heated in microwave oven?

1. The chestnut must be cut in the microwave oven, so it must be cleaned first, so that the incision can be kept clean after soaking in water;

2. There is no required proportion between sugar and oil. If you like sweet, you can add more. If you add some oil, you can also make sure the chestnut color and won't be too dry in the microwave oven;

3. The box put into the microwave oven must have holes, and leave some soaked sugar and oil in it, so that the chestnut out of the microwave won't be too dry;

4. Microwave time is only for reference, which is also related to the size of chestnuts. You can take it out and taste it after stopping, and then increase or decrease the time by yourself.

Taboo of microwave heating:


Microwave heating pepper, as long as there is no fire, there is no problem. But when you open the microwave door, the chemicals in the hot pepper will stimulate your eyes, nose membrane and burn your throat. It's really delicious!

Fried cheese and pork

These kinds of food are high in fat and low in water. You should be very careful when you use the microwave oven to heat them, because there is less water. After the same energy of microwave heating, the temperature rises very fast, and it is easy to be burnt or fried.

Container with metal

Including porcelain cup and plate with gold pattern, take out box with metal accessories. Metal will react when it is heated. If it is put into microwave oven, the container (porcelain) will be damaged if it is light, and the fire will burst if it is heavy!

Fresh keeping film

Do not put the food packed with plastic wrap directly into the microwave oven. Under high temperature, the plastic wrap will have chemical reaction, which will bring food safety problems.

Lunch bag

Paper bags, plastic bags and newspapers are not allowed to enter the microwave oven. These things will burn when they are heated to a certain degree, which will cause fire in the furnace, and may also produce toxic gases.

Yogurt box

Yogurt box or butter, cream box, these are disposable plastic containers, can not withstand high temperature. If heated in a microwave, the container may deform or melt in the microwave, allowing chemicals to seep into the food.

Tomato sauce without lid

If you let it go, it will explode like this & hellip; & hellip; wait to clean the microwave oven!

Foam plastic box

Must be able to withstand the temperature of 100 ℃ non-toxic plastic, of course, the best is dedicated microwave plastic tableware. Take a close look at the plastic box used for packing in the restaurant. It says that only those that can be microwave heated can be heated. Otherwise, don't take risks.


Some fruits may be able to withstand high temperatures, but not all. For example, if the grape is heated by microwave, it will explode and smoke.

Aluminum foil

Any metal, even the aluminum foil wrapped with leftovers, cannot be put into the microwave oven, otherwise it will catch fire!

Water bottle water cup

Many water bottles and cups are not suitable for microwave oven. For example, stainless steel will save heat and destroy the microwave oven; for example, plastic, unless it is indicated that it can be heated in the microwave oven, otherwise it can't be!

It can be seen from the introduction that chestnut can be heated in a microwave oven, while people usually use a microwave oven to heat some food, they must pay attention to that the microwave oven can not heat any food, and several types of food mentioned in the article can not be heated in a microwave oven.