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Why do you lose your hair after having a baby? How to prevent hair loss after childbirth?

For mothers who have had children, do they always have such experience? It's very painful to lose a lot of hair after giving birth. According to statistics, about 40% of women will lose their hair after giving birth every year. Do you know why?

After giving birth to a child, the female hormone in the body will rapidly drop to the normal level. At this time, the female hormone in the body will not be enough to maintain the hair that should have fallen, so those hair that should have fallen but not fell during pregnancy will fall in succession for a while, which is why the hair loss occurs after giving birth to a child.

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But in fact, there are many explanations for why hair loss occurs after the birth of children. Some mothers start dieting in order to maintain a good figure after the birth of children, resulting in insufficient nutrition to provide hair follicles, which is very easy to cause hair loss in this case. In addition, postpartum hair loss is also related to scalp cleanliness, mental status, and diet.

How to solve this problem?

First of all, don't worry after giving birth to a child. Relax slowly. Then have a good rest and follow the time. Hair loss will be cured slowly after giving birth. In addition, don't use medicine blindly after giving birth to a child, which will aggravate the symptoms of hair loss and cause serious damage to hair follicles; For spicy and greasy food, try not to eat or stay up late, only in this way can hair loss quickly restore health; of course, you can also use the method of massage scalp to treat, often massage scalp can promote local blood circulation, which is very helpful for the transportation of hair nutrition. Can also be treated with food therapy, eat more soybeans, black beans, hairtail, eggs, corn, cooked peanuts, black sesame and other food.