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When does the season of King glory start

when does the glory season S13 start? Many kids think it's too early to pay attention to the S13 season before the end of the S12 season. In fact, it's not too early to grasp the best opportunity of scoring only by grasping the time node early, isn't it? Do you know the adjustment rules of the glory season S13? Let's get to know.

Q: when does the S13 season begin?

A: basically, the time of each season is about three months. S12 season is expected to end at the end of September. According to this rule, S13 season is expected to start at the end of September and last until the end of December!

When does the glory of the king S13 begin?

First, the official qualifying shows that the time of S12 is from July 2018 to September 2018. A season lasts for three months basically, and the shortest is not less than two and a half months. S12 season starts on July 4, and only changes for two months at the beginning of September. Therefore, the end of September is the most likely.

Second, dunshan will be on the official service line soon. The official has announced that dunshan will be on September 7, but the new version of the star plan is just changed at the end of August. It is absolutely impossible to change the big version immediately, so dunshan will not be the first new hero of the new season. The previous small edition also told you that the season update will not only change the version, but will definitely create a new hero together, so the next hero of dunshan The launch coincided with the start of the S13 season.

It's normal for dunshan to go online at the beginning of September and the next new hero to go online at the end of September. Of course, the next new hero must log on to the experience service at the beginning of September at the latest, or the official service will not be available at the end of September.

Third, in recent seasons, all updates have been delayed, the longest one week and the shortest one day, so S13 season is planned to be updated at the end of September, but may be delayed to the beginning of October.

The rule of honor King's rank is changed. It is no longer conditional on the top 100 of TIANTI in the whole district. In the new season, it will be changed to: no matter how many places you rank in the whole district, as long as the king is 50 stars, you can be promoted to glory king.

In fact, this change is also very good, because now the strongest king has rotted the streets. A handful of them is not worth money at all. The gold content of 50 stars will be much higher. After all, 50 stars is equivalent to two large sections of promotion. 20 star king is very rare. Tianmei, 50 stars, is OK!

Secondly, the government also upgraded the option of reporting. After all, there are many wonderful teammates! There are too many reasons for foolishness! The new two reporting contents are: interfering with normal games and not participating in the group. 'interfere with normal' game means that the shooter takes the red maliciously, brushes the field maliciously to prevent the normal development of the assassin, and the shooter intentionally grabs the middle road economy? And 'not participating in the Group' is easy to understand. It is estimated that the team-mates' participation rate is lower than a certain value to report the success, and it is easy to report the success of the side road single armed soldiers in the future

S13 segment inheritance rules:

In the rule of segment succession in S12 season, there is no big change compared with S12 season. Just pay attention to these points. If it is the gold four segment, after the new season is updated, it will still be gold. And the players of platinum four will fall to gold one, and then the players of diamond four or more, with obvious drop segments.

The above is the start time analysis of season S13 of King glory. Players can refer to it.