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A batch of scenic spot tickets cut price 2018 national scenic spot price list announced

Double festival is coming, and good news keeps coming. Since September 20, a large number of scenic spot tickets will be officially reduced. Mid Autumn Festival and national day travel can save a lot of money. Follow Xiaobian to see which scenic spots have reduced the ticket price?

Another big wave of scenic spots will be reduced

The guiding opinions on improving the ticket price formation mechanism of state-owned scenic spots and reducing the ticket price of key state-owned scenic spots published by the national development and Reform Commission in June this year put forward that before the Golden Week tourism peak this year, the ticket price of a number of key state-owned scenic spots on the high side should be effectively reduced.

After that, a large number of scenic spots announced price reduction. According to the data released by the national development and Reform Commission, as of August 29, 21 provinces have introduced 157 scenic spot price reduction (free opening) measures.

From September 20, another batch of famous scenic spots officially ushered in price reduction, including song mountain Shaolin Temple, Luoyang Longmen Grottoes, Jiaozuo Yuntai Mountain, Xiaolangdi, Jiuzhaigou, Emei Mountain, Leshan Giant Buddha and other scenic spots.

How much can tourists save?

From September 20, the ticket price of Songshan Shaolin Temple scenic spot has been reduced from 100 yuan to 80 yuan, Luoyang Longmen Grottoes scenic spot from 100 yuan to 90 yuan, Jiaozuo Yuntai Mountain scenic spot from 150 yuan to 120 yuan, Xiaolangdi Scenic spot from 50 yuan to 40 yuan, with an average decrease of 20%.

According to the relevant person in charge of Henan Provincial Development and Reform Commission, if the number of tourists in each scenic spot is calculated in 2017, after the ticket price is lowered, the ticket revenue of Shaolin Temple scenic spot will be reduced by 51746000 yuan; Longmen Grottoes scenic spot will be reduced by 31.1 million yuan; Yuntai mountain scenic spot will be reduced by 64.472 million yuan; Xiaolangdi Scenic spot will be reduced by 4.701 million yuan. This will allow tourists to enjoy tangible benefits.

In Sichuan, the ticket price of Jiuzhaigou scenic spot in peak season is reduced from 220 yuan to 190 yuan, Huanglong scenic spot in peak season is reduced from 200 yuan to 170 yuan, Emei Scenic Spot in peak season is reduced from 185 yuan to 160 yuan, Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Spot, Qingcheng Mountain scenic spot and Dujiangyan scenic spot are reduced from 90 yuan to 80 yuan.

In Zhejiang, the ticket price of Qiandao Lake scenic spot in peak season in Hangzhou is reduced from 150 yuan to 130 yuan; the ticket price of dongzha scenic spot in Wuzhen is adjusted from 120 yuan to 110 yuan, and the joint ticket price of dongxizha scenic spot is adjusted from 200 yuan to 190 yuan.

The price of tickets must not be reduced or increased

With so many scenic spots reduced in price, tourists can save a lot of 'real gold and silver'. However, there are also concerns that some scenic spots will increase the price of admission tickets, increase the price of transportation and other tourism services, and increase the burden of tourists in disguise.

The reporter of noted that the national development and Reform Commission recently held a work conference on reducing the ticket price of key state-owned scenic spots, which required that the work of reducing the ticket price of key state-owned scenic spots should be fully implemented, the effect should be ensured, the potential space for price reduction should be explored to the maximum extent, and the work should never be done in a way of avoiding the heavy, being mere formality, perfunctoriness and increasing in a dark way.

The State Administration of market supervision also issued a notice to the public on September 19, deploying all localities to strengthen market price supervision during the mid autumn and national day of 2018, focusing on investigating and punishing state-owned scenic spot operators who do not implement the government's pricing or government's guiding price, adding charging items without authorization, setting 'garden in the garden' gate tickets in violation of regulations, high pricing and large discounts, bundling sales, not implementing the clearly marked price according to regulations, and not implementing preferential measures To impose or increase the price beyond the price, or to impose a collection of fees on behalf of others.

That is to say, the official order forbids the scenic spot ticket to go up and down. If you encounter the problem of charging in disorder when you travel, you can call 12358 to complain.