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How can be bitten by centipede? What can I do?

Some people will never know the feeling of being bitten by a centipede in their life, while some people have been bitten by a centipede many times. No matter whether they have been bitten by a centipede or not, they should learn the emergency method of being bitten by a centipede. Even if they are not bitten, they can save the people around them at the critical time. Centipede is a very toxic animal, which is much more toxic than wasp. After being bitten, there will be a small mouth on the skin, and the venom will enter the body little by little along the mouth. Then the patient will have nausea, vomiting, dizziness and convulsion and other symptoms. So what should we do after being bitten by a centipede?

First of all, the wound should be cleaned immediately, washed with soap water for more than 10 minutes, or daubed with lime water and baking soda, because the Centipede's poison is acidic, and washed with alkaline soap water can neutralize the Centipede's toxin. If you see dandelion flowers in the wild, you can also use dandelion juice to repeatedly smear on the wound. Do not squeeze the wound with your hands, or learn from the people in dog blood TV series to suck the wound with their mouths. In that case, both of them may be poisoned. You can use cupping and sucking device to suck out the blood. Do not use iodine or other colored liquid to smear the wound, or it will affect the doctor's judgment when it is sent to the hospital for examination.

Don't panic after being bitten by a centipede. Most people with strong immunity will automatically dissolve the toxin. A small number of people with poor constitution should be sent to the hospital immediately after being poisoned. Don't delay. If there is snake medicine, use warm water to melt it and put it on the bitten skin. Another way is to apply a cotton swab with cock's saliva on the wound. After ten minutes, the pain will gradually ease until it disappears.

The chance of being bitten by centipede is very small. You don't need to feel flustered. With these small methods, you can save yourself and others in life!