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Naruto's hand tour in Mid Autumn Festival

Naruto's hand tour to Nintendo is the latest limited hero launched on the Mid Autumn Festival, and we have been looking forward to it for a long time, so how and how much does Naruto's hand tour to Nintendo get? Next, I will give you the answer.

One skill: eight trigrams empty palm

I'm still familiar with the eight trigrams empty palm, but this time I throw out two fans first, and then I play the chakra shock wave. There are many changes.

Two skills: soft fist technique

This is a breakthrough skill, but the skill mentioned above can seal the opponent's chakra, and then carry out elbow and palm attacks again. Does this skill have its own seal effect? It's not known yet.

Secret meaning: eight trigrams palm

This time, Huitian was made into an auspicious meaning. There should be no other skills to use, but the description of this auspicious meaning is very similar to that of little Hatfield.

How much is the Mid Autumn Festival fixed time?

A: about 800 coupons are expected

Ninja in the Mid Autumn Festival is a ninja in the Mid Autumn Festival. Mid Autumn Festival Limited Ning times should be obtained by counting coupons and selling them in limited time. You can refer to the previous skin ninja.