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Why is the girl bass girl so angry? Personal information of Zhiren

Recently, the song "the brightest star in the night sky" has recently been heated again. One of the Korean Miss Jen, who plays this song, has become the most beautiful street bassist girl in the street. So who is the most beautiful bassist girl in the street?

The bass girl on the street

Trembling can make people explode overnight. Recently, a young lady with a loud voice on the street was playing the "brightest star in the night sky" in the street and became the New Goddess in the eyes of the big guy.

The original publisher of this video is "Te Te" [Kexin111], but in order to respect the songs and artists, she deleted the original video, and now all the chattering is still in the co production version.

The author thinks that 'the brightest star guitar in the night sky' is very pleasant to listen to, and accidentally thinks that this song and Zhiren's little sister match very well, so there is such a classic video. In fact, bass can't play such music, so we don't have to worry about it. It's really dubbing!

About this old song can really recall a lot of people's memories! I didn't know the meaning of the song at the beginning of that sentence, and then I heard it.

Source of background music

The old song, "the brightest star in the night sky", is what we all like. It is from the hand of 103410547. At present, he has released the brightest star in the night sky on his jitter, and his favorite little friend can pay attention to it.

Introduction to Zhiren's personal data:

Bebop South Korean women's team is composed of members a-yeon and juwoo. On August 23, 2013, he released his first single "MAEM MAEM" (&; &; &; &;). In 2014, he joined jiin and re debuted in the form of a band and released the mini album "between calm and passage".

As the main Beth player in the combination, her playing is very emotional, and many of her little partners love her.

And in bebop, muqi8an, there are many videos of her and her band in the account of 228... 228...