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What are the advantages of white vinegar? It's amazing to keep going for a month

For white-collar workers in modern cities, do they have no leisure time to work every day? Many people like to soak their feet after work to relieve their tiredness. Have you ever tried to use white vinegar to soak their feet? White vinegar is not only a seasoning, but also a seasoning for soaking their feet. Do you want to try a different experience?

The advantages of white vinegar soaked feet

1. White vinegar feet can moisturize and whiten skin. For young women, the white vinegar feet have the effect of beauty. Sticking to the feet can make the skin smoother and increase the elasticity of the skin.

2. White vinegar can cure beriberi. Because white vinegar has the effect of sterilization, so for those who have beriberi or often have foot odor, they can use white vinegar to soak their feet. After a week, there will be unexpected surprises.

3. White vinegar feet can cure grey nails. Soak feet in 9 degree white vinegar for 30 minutes every day, and then air dry naturally. The best dosage for each time is not over the surface of the foot, which needs to be maintained for a month. For more than 6 months, the nail can be treated thoroughly, because fungi are the most taboo acid environment, so there are many advantages to soak feet in vinegar.

4. White vinegar soaked feet can improve sleep. If we have insomnia, we can soak our feet with white vinegar 40 minutes before going to bed, which can improve our sleep. Every day, keep your feet wet. It can improve the quality of sleep, cure insomnia, dreaminess, wake up early and other sleep disorders.

The specific method of soaking feet in white vinegar

1. Add garlic to white vinegar, dilute and soak for 15 minutes. White vinegar has good germicidal efficacy. However, before you soak your feet, you must first dilute them. Generally, put 5-10ml in a basin of water. It is better to put your feet in without tingling, but it is not recommended for people with wounds on their feet.

2. White vinegar and garlic are combined to soak feet. Garlic itself has the function of astringency and absorption of peculiar smell.