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Is the insurance company settling the claim when the vehicle is flooded due to typhoon and rainstorm

These two days, for Cantonese, is it like experiencing a human disaster? Although there are many jokes about typhoon Shanzhu on the Internet, but after the typhoon, there are muddy, damaged buildings and vehicles suffering from the storm & hellip; & hellip; everywhere on the road, which looks really sad. For the car owners, it seems that the loss is more serious. The vehicles in the underground garage are flooded. What should be done with these vehicles? Will the insurance company settle the claim?

1. Insurance company claims

For those vehicles lost due to typhoon and rainstorm, the interior decoration of the vehicle will be flooded, the wires will be short circuited, the water inlet pipe and the engine will be soaked in water and rusted. This compensation is the vehicle damage insurance of the walking vehicle, so it is necessary to buy it for the city with frequent rainstorm. In addition, if you are drowned and flameout while driving, resulting in the loss of water, you need to buy a separate water insurance to compensate. If the engine is damaged by another fire after being flooded, the insurance company will not compensate.

2. Property compensation

If the underground parking space you park is owned by yourself and the property company has the responsibility of keeping it, and if the property company cannot prove that it has taken relevant rescue preparation before the bad weather and has not taken sufficient rescue measures in the bad weather, it will bear part (less) of the liability for compensation.

3. Developer compensation

If the drainage facilities of the underground garage built by the developer are not constructed in accordance with the national standards, and there are irregularities in the construction, the developer has certain joint and several liability, but only for theoretical reference, which is quite difficult to implement.

Tips: after finding that the vehicle is flooded, the vehicle should be sent to repair in time. The faster the treatment, the smaller the loss. If it is soaked in muddy water for a long time, it can be directly discarded