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Why don't Cantonese eat pepper?

Cantonese people claim to be the most outstanding group in Chinese food, standing at the top of the food chain. But recently, typhoon Shanzhu came, but only beef noodles with rattan pepper were left in the supermarket. Netizens commented that this was the last stubborn of Cantonese, so why don't Cantonese like pepper?

According to the feedback from netizens, we summed up some reasons why Cantonese don't eat spicy food. First, Cantonese food is fresh and delicious. If there are too many hot peppers in the dish, it will cover up the original taste of the ingredients, and all they eat is the taste of hot peppers. Therefore, the purpose of not eating spicy food is to protect the fresh taste of ingredients. If it's only for spicy food, it's all for the old Ganma.

Secondly, Cantonese believe that chili, even the food made by pepper, salt and fried are all because the ingredients are not fresh enough. It is true that many restaurants, due to poor management and long-term deterioration of food materials, cover up the smell and color of food materials deterioration through heavy oil, heavy spicy and heavy taste. It seems that most Cantonese food is quite fresh.

Finally, it is also related to the climate. The climate in Guangdong is changeable. It is usually sunny in the morning and cloudy in the afternoon. In such weather, eating spicy food is death. If you don't pay attention to it, your throat may become inflamed. In addition, the weather in the south of Wuling is more hot and dry. It can't be relieved by drinking cold tea all day. How can I stand spicy food?

To sum up, Cantonese do not dare to eat spicy food, nor do they dislike it, but do not want to eat it or not. But even so, there are not a few people who like spicy food in Guangdong, but most of the delicious food in Guangdong is light, so they have to do it at home. Do not know netizens like spicy food?