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Why does it smell fishy to mop the ground in rainy days? What about the fishy smell on the floor?

For many housewives, do they often encounter such a situation? When it's rainy and the floor is finished, there will be a strong fishy smell. What's the matter? Is there a problem with the mop or the quality of the floor tiles?

Reasons for fishy smell on the ground:

1、 It may be that the tile blank is poor. The next time you buy Tiles, sprinkle boiling water first, and then immediately smell the tile surface. If there is a fishy smell, do not buy the ones with fishy smell.

2、 Another is that the floor tiles you buy are made of waterproof ceramics. The interior structure of the waterproof ceramic is filled with gypsum, which will give off its own flavor when encountering water or moisture absorption, that is to say, fishy smell. This means that the ceramic used in the floor tiles you bought is not very good. In the future, you need to verify it on the spot when you choose. This can be solved as long as you pay attention to it.

There are two reasons for the fishy smell of ceramic tile. The first is the problem of ceramic tile itself, because the blank of ceramic tile is poor.

According to the staff of Taian home decoration building materials chamber of Commerce, ceramic tiles also stink, especially black and yellow heart ceramic tiles. When they are fired in reducing atmosphere, sulfide such as hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide will be produced. These gases are included in the micropores of ceramic tiles, which will release the stink. However, there are almost no similar problems after polishing the tiles.

3、 Methods to remove fishy smell:

1. Put the mop in the warm water with washing powder and add some vinegar water to mop the floor so as to achieve the effect of removing the fishy smell.

2. Sprinkle some dew on the mop to remove the fishy smell of the floor. ‍