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What does dog food taste like? What's the difference between different tastes of dog food?

In fact, many people like to have a pet dog to spend their time. Have you ever tasted the taste of dog food? In fact, many people are very curious about this problem. Let's get to know it together.

First of all, the taste of dog food on the market is clearly marked, that is, the taste is marked on the outside of the package. When buying, check the taste marked on the outside of the package to know the taste of dog food.

Secondly, the taste of dog food is generally common: beef, chicken, fish, mutton, barbecue and so on. There are many flavors, the most common are beef and chicken.

Finally, these flavors are all added flavors, not the taste of dog food itself. Generally, dog food ingredients are made of chicken meal, chicken bone meal, duck meat meal, duck bone meal, chicken oil, butter, rice, wheat meal, beet meal, soybean oil, fish oil, beer yeast powder, various vitamins, etc. Because the raw materials are very rich, so the nutrition is very good, but also causes the taste to be quite mixed, which seriously affects the taste and pet appetite. In order to make pets like it better, when they make dog food, they will add some MSG, that is, edible essence. Let dog food have a good smell to improve palatability and make pets love to eat more.

In fact, many dog food has different tastes, some of which are beef, some of which are chicken. So without opening the package, the list of professional pet food and dog food ingredients is arranged in descending order of weight from large to small. If the dog food with chicken flavor is in the first line of the label list, it is because the chicken is the main ingredient, and its chicken content is higher than that of other raw materials to make dog food. Therefore, consumers must pay attention to the mixture of each component when purchasing. If the pet dog likes the dog food of the chicken, it should choose the dog food with the highest chicken content. If the chicken is not listed first in the packaging component, it proves that the chicken content in the dog food is not too high. It should be noted that dogs with sensitive skin can choose dog food with high chicken content for consumption, such as the taste of chicken meal, which is usually not too irritating. Dogs with sensitive muscles can order dog food with high beef content to increase the muscle strength of dogs. And regular dog food is in bags of food to safe nitrogen, which is the best preservative.