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Is there really a cold palace in history? Why did concubines live in cold palace?

In all kinds of historical novels and films and TV plays, we can often hear the saying of "going cold". "Ruyi biography" and other plays, it is also written "cold palace". The cold palace is often overgrown with weeds. All the concubines are insane. But in ancient imperial palace, in fact, there is no such entity building, where is out of favor, where is the cold palace!

First of all, in our impression, the concubines who enter the harem are all concubines who have done wrong or fallen out of favor. In film and TV plays, they are almost such a bridge. But is the truth like this? Generally speaking, the emperor seldom talks about his women entering the harem. After all, the emperor is very busy and has to deal with the important affairs of the court every day, while the harem is almost managed by the empress.

When we talk about it, we can think of letting the women who serve a man together manage the harem, so generally speaking, it depends on the mood of the queen, so we can understand why the ancient concubines were so respectful to the queen. Except for the extremely beloved concubines, some of them would not take the queen seriously, but the other concubines saw the queen and knelt down quickly Then quickly Dodge, not only fear the dignity of the queen, but also fear to be put into the cold palace by some nihilists. Maybe there are some concubines who are not very favored by the emperor. One day when the emperor wants to see her, she may have been sleeping in the cold palace for several years!

There is no specific address in the cold palace. The emperor and empress said that the cold palace is where it is. However, the people who have been beaten into the cold palace have a lot of accidents, and the concubines who have made mistakes will be banned. In addition to the cold palace, they are not allowed to go anywhere. According to the Qing palace complaint, after the concubines were convicted in Guangxu, they were imprisoned in the small courtyard behind Jingqi Pavilion, the northernmost side of ningshou palace.

The cold palace is usually in disrepair for a long time. No one will rebuild a cold palace, and the living conditions of the concubines who are imprisoned in the cold palace are extremely bad. The living conditions can't even catch up with the lowest servants in the palace, and even they will be abused because their enemies used to do some small actions secretly. So many concubines can't accept such a reality. The physical torture is small, and the mental torture is big. We have seen women's mental tricks in many court plays. They can't completely solve the hidden dangers even when they are in the cold palace, so some people will think about how to completely solve this person. That's why concubines in the cold palace are always afraid of being killed.

Those who have suffered a lot in body and mind will not have any good results in the cold palace, so the concubines who have been beaten into the cold palace will not live long. ​​​​