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The voice of ugliness, the sage, the personal data, why is the outer Ge so angry?

There are a lot of red net people on the pitch. Szeago shot the fire on the trembling sound, and also took part in the recording of tomorrow's son. So you like it?

Swigo profile

Sago ID:64199763

Microblog Name: svengo

Date of birth: March 6, 1998

Location: Wuhan

Age: 20

Specialty: English rap, Korean, anti string

Swagger can dance and sing English rap, as well as talk to mouth. It will also focus on Korean, especially cross linking. He can abandon himself in front of the camera, all kinds of crazy dance. It looks like a dog Huan. In a word, it's kind of nice.

It is reported that sago is currently over six hundred thousand of the fans. He should be regarded as the most expressive voice. He is especially cute and not greasy. According to Weibo data, he was born on March 6, 1998 in Wuhan, Hubei Province. He is only 20 years old this year. This is also a person who can eat by his face, but he must be so tossed. But he's the best of the opposites. Key people are also very kind and help to woo fans.

Swagger is from Wuhan.

In Korean, I am so fascinated by the expression of my lips. I am right to explode myself. Some netizens say that they have not seen how to divide the boundaries between Shuai and the ugly since they saw the sage in trembling.

Both micro-blog and jolt have video from sago, all kinds of facial expressions. I believe you will love sago, too.

Netizens commentary

I've always thought that swigo and Gouda are one kind of looks. Until today, I saw that swigo asked fans to treat him well. I didn't know that I was not alone. I laughed to death.

Ask quietly, is there a baby playing with a trembling voice? Sage and a dog thief look like, ah, I think, ha ha ha, the two are my favorite people, happy!

In the jitter, Zhang Xinyao avoided Fei Qiming, escaped from &hellip, … repeated the feeling of watching videos more than a dozen times; … … I'm sorry for SJO call! Swag!